Celebrating 30 years of The Secret of Monkey Island



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Nothing… just like 30 years ago.

I did find two articles somewhat related:

  1. a LRG edition collection of (some of ) the PC games to be released this month
  2. a mini amiga500 from the guys who made the mini C64… on which you could play monkey island

Oh… and this

Happy birthday Illi/Ali!!! (Choose correct @guga’s daughter)


And this is a nice read if you forgot (or never saw) how the game that was released 30 years ago really looked like (if you had a color monitor)


Is it an arbitrarily chosen date?

:heart_eyes: Guybrush T. 3D realtime version


:star_struck: Mighty LeChuck 3D realtime version


TSOMI updated 3D realtime scenes :blush:


That’s Ili :smiley: Ali is next month. Does anyone know if there’s some Lucasarts game released on the 20th of November? :stuck_out_tongue:


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It’s hard to pin-point the exact day… but Sam&Max Hit the Road was released in November 1993.

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Take the quiz, win big bucks*!


*valid in the monkey tri-island area only

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You could expect coverage from an IT website, but it’s actually a fairly long article. Tomorrow should also see this years c’t-Retro print issue, and it would make perfect sense if they had an article in there as well. Though I’ll be heading out before the postman makes his round and won’t be able to check until Sunday.

And also Ron has some news (and a new Profile picture)

Guybrush getting closer to the Secret…


Where that image was taken from?

It is on taken on Monkey Island, near the settlement of the other tribe of real cannibals.
Reaching them is easily missed and required using the navigators head (that is his leg up there, by the way, and doing something with that stump on Melée Island to remove a blockage you encounter when navigating the maze inside the giant Monkey head.

Unfortunately this part was cut from the VGA version together with the stump joke.

I discovered it while translating the EGA version. By looking in the decompiled code using descumm - I was able to discover that you can reveil the original intended “Secret” of Monkey Island on this screen. Spoiler ahead!! What you need to do to solve this puzzle is PULL leg and insert disk 22 :rofl:


Let’s also celebrate the ten year anniversary (more or less) of the 20th anniversary of Secret of Monkey Island, in which Ron himself plays the game for the first time in 15 years (and having forgotten most about it)…

… makes you wonder what else he’ll have forgotten in another 11 years since.

I already published this a few weeks ago, but it is related to this topic. In order to celebrate the Monkey Island 30th anniversary I created a replica of the cannon game from The Curse of Monkey Island to play on your browser. Even Jonathan Ackley shared it on Facebook :slight_smile: I know Ron was not involved with MI3 but it was still a great game.

Play it here:

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Oh oh. October 30th!

Check out the dripping in that GIF

Sound was on… but no sound (safari browser)