When is placed Monkey Island 1?

We know the story is placed in the Caribbean at the time of the pirates.
Is there a precise span of time?

It should be in a date between 1560 and 1720.

Maybe you can deduce the time on the basis of some inventions. For example there was already a rubber chicken. When was that toy invented? Oh. Wait. Forget that suggestion. :slight_smile:


My best guess is 1982/83-ish? Oh wait…sorry! :flushed:

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It depends on one of two things:

  1. Are the “objects” in the world all figments of guybrushs unusual mind?

Which then would place the game in the golden age of piracy during the “buccaneers” era 1650-1680

  1. Or Is the entire world a figment of guybrushes overactive childlike imagination?

Meaning the game could be set in 1989/1990 in a carnival

According to Wikipedia: “The origin of the rubber chicken is obscure … One account attributes the first use of a prop chicken to John Holmberg, the Swedish black-faced clown of the early 1900s.”

In that case you can ask when the events in his imagination happened. :slight_smile:

@ZakPhoenixMcKracken: Are there any year dates in the game? For example a house with a sign “build in XYZ”? (I can’t remember these details. :slight_smile: )

Phew, I almost feared you figured out what I was really talking about…:eyes:

:shushing_face: Here are ladies in the house…

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Obviously in the 20th century. Just take a look at Otis’ underwear:


What years are on the codewheel again? Maybe the century that is used the most is the correct one?

Then again that could also mean that Monkey Island is somewhere near Nebraska, so… :man_shrugging:

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Rank 3: 1500nds (about 20 times)
Rank 2: 1700nds (between 20 and 30 times)
Rank 1: 1600nds by far (over 60 times)

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The most recent killings are from the 18th century, so the copy protection must be younger than 300 years. :face_with_monocle: :mag:


Are there dates on tombstones in part 2 maybe?

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Doesn’t seems so:

Library doesn´t have anything either.

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Spoilers: It´s not the late 80s/early 90s! SNAP!!!

The most recent date is 1726 (if I haven’t overlooked something). As pirates haven’t stopped dying 1727 we can assume that the protection was printed in late 1726/early 1727. Thus Monkey Island 1 has to take place in that year. And that would fit to @milanfahrnholz Wikipedia link. So Monkey Island took place in the last years of the golden age of piracy.

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But it is. Everything was just a fantasy of two brothers:

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@BigRedButton: Link is broken.