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Chapter 8 Escape Help

Warning: unfortunately possible spoilers below.

I’m playing casual on Switch and can’t work out how to escape the lasers. All my characters are there too, I read that some foil would help but I never picked up any tinfoil.

You don´t need foil on casual.

I have a suggestion: stop it.

Play it from scratch in hard mode. You’ll have more fun. And, after all, you know the solution to beat the lasers in hard mode: you’ll need the tin foil.

Which character are you using to go past the lasers? Non every character can do it…
If in casual mode you don’t need the foil, then you need something else to protect yourself…

There’s one item needed if you’re not playing in haarrrrrrd mode.

Something you might use if you were sailing up the coast of Floridaaaaaarrrrrr…


Hurrrrrrrrricane Prrrrrrrrroooooootection?


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