Wearing the Pirate Hat

When I got to wear the Pirate Hat, it felt like a real achievement. It felt cool just to walk about wearing it. More so than when I unlocked the safe or took down the computer. Funny little things like that amuse me a lot, like Doug he makes me proper laugh everytime I encounter the nutter. I bet he could have killed someone? Or at least buried someone. Getting his shovel also felt like a proper achievement as well after seeing him wield it for so long.

That Thimblecon 87 reminded me of walking into the party in LCR, especially in that hat. Brilliant!!

What things made you smile or gave you the same feelings?

You can?
Damn! I need to replay that game next. I might have missed a lot of easter eggs it seems. And I don’t like reading spoilers here - that’s why I generally steer clear of anything related to TWP on here :upside_down_face:

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The pirate hat is one of my favourite objects :smiley:

Something that amused me: how Reyes reacts when the bank manager objects to him stealing his paperweight!

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Some easter eggs were part of the arcade update.

Maybe we could replay it together - @tasse-tee has to play the hard mode too… :wink:


I’m not sure how it would work as a thread, as we’ve already discussed so many parts of the game in threads all over the forum.

But maybe, I could make a thread with my own reactions, when I spot things that are different to Casual mode, and when I get stuck and need a hint. Tasse-Tee Vs Hard Mode. :grin:

(Also, this is a classic example of how easily we go off-topic, isn’t it? :wink: )


I still need to check that one out!

we’ll just repeat ourselves how appropriate!

:thinking: It still is about TWP park though!
How’s the weather today?

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I think you can only access the arcade if you help out a certain person.

Cloudy, but the sun’s rays are still finding their way through. 26 degrees outside!

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I think you can only access the arcade if …

Nope. You have to go get something from somewhere and use it with another thing in another place and then you get some.

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