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Chuck Edmund Journal

Upon letting the team know there seems to be a wrong entry numbering in Chuck’s journals, I have gotten the answer from Ron that it isn’t a bug, but is on purpose.

E.g.: 724 comes on a page before 721, while the content of the entry looks to be chronologically correct…
In the second journal, the entry numbers repeat over a few pages.

Anyone wants to share their theory on why the numbering would be off on purpose?


I think it’s a consequence of the “resets” that Chuck mentions in his journal. I think that other players have reached the same conclusion.

I remember a page in which Chuck writes a comment like “Another reset.” and the number on that page is lower than the number on the previous page. This led me to associate the resets with the numbers.


Wow, I never noticed that :slight_smile: good bit of trivia.

Carlo wants to share his theories!

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I just played through hard mode again (to get the tokens!) and I was surprised to find only two Chuck journals. I could have sworn there were three in my original playthrough… am I dreaming?

Guess so… there are only two

There are only two of them, but there are also pamphlets or notes that you might remember to be from Chuck, even if they weren’t. For example, the PillowTronic security manual.

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