Clearing out all save game to start fresh

I have played the game through in both simplified and complete modes. Now I would like to start over in the hard (complete) mode without the clutter of all the old save games.

I’ve not tried this, but you could try to manually delete a savegame file from your hard disk and see if it disappears from the load/save window. I can’t exclude that this can lead to other issues, though.

You can find the savegames in the directory of your operating system mentioned at the bottom of the support page, on Thimbleweed Park official website.

The name of savegame files starts with “Savegame…”.

Yes, you can do that, and they will vanish.

There are quite a few other files in there. Do I just get rid of the savegame…zip files, What about the Prefs…zip and log…zip files?

I suggest you to delete the gamefiles, not other files.

Delete just the Savegame?.png and Savegame?.save files. Prefs.json is a user editable prefs settings. Save.dat holds internal information about your achievements. Deleting this will reset all your achievement progress. If you don’t care about achievements, you can also delete it to clear the checks in the phone book, Any achievements you can already completed will remain on Steam.


I have erased the entire directory where the save games are kept, and the just come back from some mysterious place. Maybe they are saved in the wireframe world. I can not get rid of them.

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In case you are using Steam:

  1. Start Steam
  2. Start the game
  3. Delete savegames
  4. Close the game (it will sync your changes to Steam cloud soon, or when closing Steam at the latest)

You can also turn off cloud syncing in the Steam Client. I forget where.

Thank you Nor_Trebling.

That works and now I have a completely empty saved game list and can replay the game fresh from the beginning.

The only trick was how to to get to the save games files while the game is open. Playing in windows mode, I opened the folder first and the started the game. Then I did an Alt-Tab to get back to the save game folder and wiped it clean.

Yes, you would have to use Alt+Tab to get out of the game. It works in fulllscreen-mode too.