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[Closed] Casual mode, stuck in the hotel, no Franklin

Hi everybody,

my friend is playing Thimbleweed Park, casual mode.
He is at Part 3, he already had Franklin as a ghost, then he switched to Reyes in order to enter the Boris’ hotel room and get the passport, but after that, he told me he was unable to exit the hotel.

I told him to use Franklin and to check his to-do list first, but he answered me that he can’t select Franklin anymore.

So, I checked it… and he was right! :franklin:
Here is the screenshot (I have changed the language from italian to english to take the picture):

There is no way to go further:

  • Franklin is not selectable
  • Reyes can’t exit the hotel and go to the Sheriff’s room
  • No other characters available

Am I wrong or this is not normal?

What is missing?

How did this even happen? Franklin is only supposed to dissapear when he has done his checklist which is to be followed a cutscene where the ghost who does this thing with the revolving door goes away. So how and when did Franklin become non selectable in the first place?

Make sure that he’s meet Franklin in this save game, we often find people that swear they did something, only to find out they did it, then loaded a older save game.

Yes, I’m sure about it. The evidence is that the hotel door is turning fast (because Vergil is doing it).
That’s strange…
Reyes has both the hotel keycards of Boris and Franklin, so he should be selectable.
I don’t know what happened… and I can’t think of anything else.

The only solution I suggested my friend to do, is to load a savegame where Franklin is still alive (in his flashback).

The funny thing is that I don’t know how to replicate that situation! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Actually, simply going to Boris’ room will trigger Vergil blowing the door. Can you try taking Reyes to Frankin’s Room to double check that he has definitely already triggered the ghost cutscene?

If that doesn’t resolve the issue we will need a save game.

I didn’t check Franklin’s room, only Boris’s one.
Tomorrow morning I will see my friend again and will check it.
Thanks, I’ll keep you updated.

You both were right.
Even in this case, my friend did everything with Franklin, then he quitted the game without saving. Yesterday he reloaded the savegame where Reyes had to still enter the Franklin’s room.

Today I personally checked the game. Loaded his last savegame, and found out that the keycard of the Franklin’s room was missing. Then everything was clear at this point.

Sorry for the false alarm.

No problem. This is what you get when you let users create their savegames manually :slight_smile:

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Just like in…you know…the good old days…

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…when all the money was in hint books and hint lines…

Yes…the good old days…

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