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Thimbleweed Park Franklin stuck

i don’t know why, but I have Franklin stuck at the cemetery and no porta to go back to the hotel anymore.
There must be a way to have the portal back or it’s a bug ??

If I remember correctly, the portal should not disappear :thinking: if you try to remove things while Franklin is in the cemetery, the characters say something like “I sense someone is using the portal”.

So… well, very strange, probably a bug. Can you show a screenshot? I’m curious!


We haven’t found any game breaking bugs for a long time!

As Guga said the portal should not disappear.
Which version do you have (see Options menu, bottom right corner) and on which platform are you playing?
Can you upload your save game? Do you have a save game from before this bug happened?

:franklin: errr… oh my… now I’ll be stuck on the cemetery forever

:ransome: what did you expect, you’re a *beep*ing ghost

The portal should be right in front if the crypt, right? Could you post a screenshot?

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