Hotel keycard missing

After speaking with the manager a boo of the hotel and getting franklins keycard, the one from the dead body disappeared from my inventory… why? How?

Does this mean I have to start over again? (Didn’t save before this happened)

Stuff related to the case will be removed after “solving” the murder. I think this is what you are talking about.

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Did you see a transition screen in between? When you’ve finished a chapter/part, some items that aren’t needed any more get removed from your inventory in order to streamline it a bit.

EDIT: Okay, you were a few seconds faster than me, @Nor_Treblig! :slight_smile:

40.886 seconds to be precise.
Also I’ve used up all my likes for today :smiley:


That makes sense except that I hadn’t used it yet so how am I to get the things needed out of his room?

In which chapter are you? Is it still called ‘The Arrest’ or did you already carry out the arrest?
Casual or hard mode?

Yes I’m in the arrest chapter, hard mode. The hotel was my first stop after copying the map,

Did you see the number of the card of the dead guy? Is it the same room as Franklin’s?

I don’t recall the number of the dead guys room but I know it’s different … the color of the previous card isn’t the same as the one I have now.

I’m seriously starting to think that you are a Tron machine, and that Thimbleweed Park is real…

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Think about it for a few minutes… If you need something from inside a room, in what other way could you manage to get in?

That’s strange, if you haven’t completed the arrest yet you should still have the card from the dead man.
Check the inventory of all your characters, maybe you gave it someone else? If it’s really missing then this may be a bug.

You can still keep playing though, especially if you can recall the hotel room number (maybe just the first digit). If you don’t… then you would have to bruteforce it and check all the rooms (up to 90) until you find his room…

The prospect of brute-forcing the search and visit 90 rooms is terrifying to me! :smiley:

I’m absolutely sure that there will be no need for that. :slight_smile:

And that’s nothing.
Keep calm and wait for the searching in the Mansion Mansion library… over 1000 titles…
:ransome: :ransome: :ransome: :ransome:

I never had to find the book in the library. I guess there were some questions that Delores needed to answer and you could find them in a book or something? I just knew the answers to most of the questions and guessed on one and I was good. Didn’t find out about the book until after finishing.

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This might seem silly, but it’s possible you didn’t scroll through the whole inventory? I know when I first started playing, it took me a bit to realize there was a vertical scrolling in the inventory window when you got enough items to exceed one screen.

It’s not in anyone else’s inventory and I scrolled through the entire inventory… I don’t have it anymore

Brute force?

Would Brute force work, don’t you need the key to enter the room to get what you need? It sounds like a bug report is required as well. Have you tried emailing the support email about this? They might know of an issue or want a save file from you or something to check it out.

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Thanks for the advice, I emailed support and they’re looking at my saved game


Yes, sounds like a bug. Maybe they can even fix the save game.

Franklin, anyone?

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