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Thimbleweed Park enhanced?

With allmost all of the classic LucasArts games, and many others, having received an enhanced treatment with improved graphics and added voice acting. Might one hope for an enhanced version of Thimbleweed Park with poorer graphics and the voices removed for that true classic 80s feel?


Ron is in denial about it but sooner or later there will be a Director’s Cut edition of TWP :slight_smile:

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Well, there was the “pixel perfect” mode :stuck_out_tongue: was it working in the final release? I never tried.

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I think it shouldn’t be impossible, as a fan project, using the Delores’ engine, some wireframe art and a lot of spare time. Well, let us know when it’ll be done.

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Just use the original engine, everything’s already working there and on all kind of platforms.

I think it was unintentionally broken in the release version and then never fixed.
There is a setting pixelPerfect but it doesn’t seem to work in the latest version.

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I remember pixelPerfect was removed way before the game was released.

Seems like it was supposed to be there on release but untested and broken since then:

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