[community game] The Christmas Thimbleweed Park Quiz

Okay. I kind of ran out of time to do the ultimate, bumper TWP quiz that I’d planned, so this is just a mini one. All questions are worth 1 point, with the bonus question worth 5.

The idea is to answer without looking anything up, but I can’t spy on you all, so on your conscience be it :stuck_out_tongue:

Send me a private message with your answers before New Year’s Day. No prizes, but I’ll tally up the winner and two runners-up.

Any queries let me know - and no spoilers for others please!

  1. What month was Thimbleweed Park first released?
  2. What are the first six words spoken by a character in the game?
  3. Who provides the voice for Delores?
  4. Name three items Willie asks for in his drunken ramblings by the dumpster
  5. Aside from Ransome himself, name the other contestants in the Ransome lookalike contest
  6. How many water fountains (excluding sinks) are featured in the game?
  7. What time does the clock say in the hotel, regardless of when it is? 1 point for getting the correct hour
  8. Name three inventory items that don’t have a use in the game
  9. Franklin has seven unique verbs. What are they?
  10. What colour is Ransome’s balloon?

Bonus question: using as many letters as you can from the names Ron Gilbert, David Fox and Gary Winnick, come up with an interesting inventory item for an adventure game. 5 points to the funniest!

:christmas_tree: :tada: :writing_hand:


Do you want the exact RGB value?

Yes, off the top of your head :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh shucks…cant answer from the phone now but will try when I’m home!

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I hope the devs enter too…

I think they might find it a bit easy… Except for the bonus question :wink:

I wouldn’t be too sure of that. But probably they won’t enter to save themselves from the ultimate shame of scoring poorly…

It would only be shameful if I shared their poor score with the forum.

Which I would.

Unless bribed.


It’s come to my attention that the bonus question is a bit misleading. To clarify, this question is for everybody - the developers’ names are just part of the question.

I’ve edited the original question for clarification.

The first question is misleading, apparantly you mean the founding year/month.

Which btw. reminds me to check all other clocks in the game what exact time they display. I remember Ron stating the actual in-game time which didn’t line up with the story and any of the clocks (I can remember).

I will probably look all of the answers up… that’s just what I do. I have computers, why should I use my own memory?

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Why is it misleading? I think ‘founding year/month’ is less clear. I want to know the month in which the game was first released for sale.

He seems to be thinking it´s about the town itself not the game (hence the founding, I think).

Four responses so far :slightly_smiling_face: Fun reading while I pick turkey out my teeth.

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I was talking about the town :slight_smile:

But my question is about the game. You wouldn’t say a town is ‘released’… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But (spoiler warning) in the case of TWP you could/would/have to say that. :wink:

I think we’re getting a bit pernickety here :stuck_out_tongue:

No no, I was just kidding. I mean, Thimbleweed Park is a town, that’s very apparent.
You are talking about it like it’s just fun and game(s). Weird.

I’ll just keep living in my fantasy world, now going home into my house on A Street, cya. :slight_smile:

I feel like I just witnessed a conversation between a person living in Thimbleweed Park and another person living in Willie Wonka´s Chocolate factory.

:laughing: are you squatting in the Laserdisc Chalet?

Ooh, that would be a good question for ‘Would you rather…?’ (which I’ve been playing a lot lately). I really don’t know which of those I’d prefer to live in.