What was the most funny joke/moment, for you?

Was there anything in the game that made you laugh loudly?

I’m not talking about general chuckles here and there but about a really substantial and deeply satisfying laugh.

It happened to me at least one time with something Ransome said and since I’ve already written the details in another thread, I’ll just leave here a link to it:


But what about you? What was your ROFL moment?

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Yeah, the little easter egg when you use the radioactive waste on the man eating plant leave, go back and it has devoured Leonard. When you look at his outlines clearly visible inside the plant everybody goes “Oh No!!!” except Ransome the beeping Schadenfreude Clown who just goes “Ah hahahahaha!!!” That really made me laugh.


The Ransome lookalike contest.

I was literally laughing out loud all the time.


Dialogue (and puzzle) between Franklin and Teddy: supernice, hilarious at many levels, the final gift from Franklin summed up all on a figurative way! And the music…

Also, when Ransome was climbing up the ladder for the lever and stated something like: “yeah, have the f**** clown climb up there…”

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To me, one of the funniest jokes was when Willy confessed to all those crimes. My favourite one was: “I designed the ‘o’ ring!” Then everyone looks at each other and says, “too soon…”

Because its only 1987!!! That cracked me up! LOL!! :smile:


Most of the replies from the *Tron in the Sheriff’s office are hilarious but the… “What’s the last digit of pi… Calculating… Calculating… … … Five … No wait, seven”. Me and my wife really laughed at that one.


One of the funniest moment, was the PART 5.
The WHOLE PART 5 !!! :laughing:

Which one is PART 5?

This totally went over my head… Wow!

That was my favorite one to write.


I admit that it took me a while to get the ‘o-ring’ joke… I love how in bad taste it was!

Did the TWP team have second thoughts about making a joke about that?

I had to google for that joke to understand it.

While the o-ring issue was deeply discussed in some countries to the point that it became part of their culture, it’s a topic that is not so well known elsewhere.

That’s good for me, because I like the fact that games give me the opportunity to learn new things about other societies and especially about the american culture. :slight_smile:

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Well. I googled as well and I have to admit that I still don’t get the joke about the O-ring and at this point, while everyone else seems to be getting it, I’m almost too afraid to ask. Care to help a brother out?

Oh no, I got it! The Italian translation is a bit more specific and points in the right direction.

OK, I don’t get it. An O ring is a gasket, invented in the 19th century…

Could somebody please explain what is really meant here?

It’s referring to a certain deadly accident that occurred a year earlier (1986) caused by failure of o-rings.

Yes, it was referring clearly to the Challenger disaster in 1986.

The Challenger Disaster was a very big thing in the United States in the late 1980s and 1990s and it certainly resonated across the world. I think it’s largely forgotten by now because the Sept. 11th, 2001 attacks on the US sort of overtook it as the “Era Defining Moment” for generations.

Then again, there was a second NASA Space Shuttle disaster, so it’s not as unique anymore.

The joke in the game is subtle, and is made even funnier by the reactions of the characters. You see, 1987 would have been just mere months after the incident, and the mood was still very somber around the American media, so it was “too soon” to joke about it. So, essentially, Willy is making a joke in very bad taste – which 30 years remove becomes funny!

Although the game is translated in many languages and made to appeal to a greater audience, it is still an American game made by Americans, with many American pop-cultural references. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the information and explanation.

Yes, I remember that event and at the time it was discussed deeply in my country as well but probably not in a way so detailed to link o-rings and that disaster forever. After googling it, it was easy to understood that connection, the joke and the “too soon” reply.

I’m glad that the game made me learn a new aspect of the American culture that I didn’t know. :slight_smile: