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Converting Nvidia Shield Android Thimbleweed to Steam version?


Is it possible to converting the Nvidia Shield TV version to the Steam version or do I need to buy the game a second time?


you might have to buy it a second time, as Steam is entirely independent from Android or Shield.

Sent an email to support with the receipt. Hoping for good news… Shield has just got upgraded to play steam games via cloud.

TWP is a great game, buying it twice is not a crime :slight_smile:
Or thrice. Or… what are the next words?

Once, twice, thrice, thrice-a-reno, thrice-a-who, thrice-a-boo, *beep*ing thrice, thriceTron 3000.

From 9 times on, the word is just “X times”.


I paid 4 times! Once for Kickstarter (not s sale but entitles to a key) once on release day cos gog wasn’t working for me so bought on steam, once on android and a boxed copy. It’s worth it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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