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Chrome Installation Failed after Installing Thimbleweed Park

Hello friends,

I am encountering a serious issue from yesterday after installing “Thimbleweed Park” on my Windows 10 pc. The problem is after turning on my computer today, I am seeing that the chrome installation has been failed. I have no idea whether the problem is arising for installing the game. Has anyone faced this similar kind of issue before? If yes please help.

Thank you,

Hello, why are you so sure that there is a link between the installation of TWP and chrome?

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A friend of mine has completed the installation process, i don’t know how he did that. Just getting the error today, i guess the problem is whether to install it.
Is there any solution? I don’t want to uninstall the game.

The TWP installation isn’t related to other programs/apps. Maybe an (automatic) update of Chrome failed? (We’re talking about the browser?)

Which version of TWP are you using? The one from Steam?

Thanks for the help Guys, I was after all able to resolve the issue by following the steps here. Yes it was installed from Steam I guess. I was thinking it happened because of the game since it started after the installation of the game. But i think I was kina wrong.


The only way I can think of that the game could do something like that would be if it filled up the last little bit of space on your disk drive. :slight_smile:

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