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Cool things in old Lucasfilm Games adventures that you only discovered years later


Sometimes, I wonder how much that absolutely wonderful music and catchy tune did for the overall success of MI. :slight_smile:


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Apparently they didn’t appear in the 1512 version because it didn’t have enough memory!!
[/quote]The game measures the machines speed at the start and disables certain animations, if it detected a slow computer.

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This is a very very sad topic for me, because I have to admit that in my first playthrough of “The Secret on Monkey Island” I never discovered the existence of the Voodoo Lady! :frowning:

It seems that you can complete the game without ever interacting with her.
[/quote]She is optional indeed. Although it is hard to believe not to get the urge to explore her room to the right, when playing for the first time. As you need to pick up the rubber chicken, you came very close to her in the first place.


I didn’t realize there was a second room, when I played it for the first time.


Does that mean you thought you picked up the rubber chicken from a random storage room, somewhere? That´s really funny.



It wasn’t for me. :frowning:


I got one more, I consider it the “extra ending” to Maniac Mansion(because not many guides mention it).

You can only get it with Bernard and Wendy. Get the book contract for the Meteor but call the Meteor Police first, show Purple Tentacle the contract and then again to the Meteor to get the “Talk Show Ending” if you managed to do that before the police beams into the dungeon you´ll get the “Talk Show Ending” but the Meteor will be arrested on Live TV.


Eh, you’re not the only one. This one kept me up a few nights:


There was a book in the german version which contained a hint to the monkey wrench puzzle. I think it was called “Gilberts verdammte Wortspiele” which tells you that “Schraubenschlüssel” is called “monkey wrench” in english. It is also explained why you had to get a voodo root in Monkey Island 1, when you needed “Malzbier”.


And what I noticed right now: Guybrush says: “English” instead of “Englisch” :smiley:


Cool Thing! Didn’t notice or didn’t remember that.


I remember this one! I’m wondering if this card replaced one of the original English ones, or if it’s an additional card added to the German game.


Well, years later having finished Zak McKracken And The Alien Mindbenders, I decided to replay it, and have found that in Zak’s room, the rug corner was clickable, pullable, and was hiding something unexplored before :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Mancomb Seepgood is used as a reference even more than Guybrush in newer games IIRC

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag & Witcher 3 they have characters named Mancomb
Guybrush being used is more subtle, maybe to Trademarks?


I got one more.

In Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade the “Don´t ask” running joke went completly over my head the first time I played it.

Years later it dawned on me this was their way of saying “this is an adventure game, so we just couldn´t help but skip a big action setpiece from the movie”.

Those being:

  • The ship scene where Indy retrieves the Cross of Coronado (Indy arriving wet at Barnett College)
  • The venice canal boat chase (Marcus arrives wet after you left the catacombs)
  • The tank chase in the desert (Marcugs being dusty from sand in the Grail temple)

Was this obvious to everyone else? I feel ashamed.

Also the whole Brunwald sequence feels basically like an elborate remake of the original 8bit Castle Wolfenstein games (navigating through top down corridors and hiding from Nazis, and disgusing yourself with uniforms).


Holy beep! I’ve never noticed this before!


When for the first time fast internet came out the very first things I’ve done were downloading twin peaks episodes (it took me 1 week) and searching for hints to see how to beat Biff in Last Crusade. When i saw i could use the trophy that way I tought… damn right german guys love beer. I really hoped to complete the game one day… (remember i was playing on atari st with corrupted savegames🙂)


Zak McKracken and The Alien Mindbenders

Only in 2011 I found out you could get Zak in an airport without a CashCard!

Check out the comments on how to do this (I took part in the discussion) :smiley:


Nice one!!! Zak McKracken is the most complete game ever!!
I didn’t try but I’ll do as soon as possible!


Pretty sure you can still open the chest without the key. I think it’s one of the few puzzle in MI that has two solutions :slight_smile: Been a while though, so I may be wrong.


I recently discovered this secret in Full Throttle… apparently nobody had come across it before, in 20+ years!

Full Throttle easter egg discovered after 20 years [video]