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Cool things in old Lucasfilm Games adventures that you only discovered years later


Wow! I love hearing about long-undiscovered stuff like that. It reminds me of the Dig easter egg in CMI (in Stan’s crypt), which went unfound until someone looked in the code years later.

I just loaded up Full Throttle and tried it out- a little anti-climactic, but amusing nonetheless :smiley:


I missed this one. Could you describe that Easter egg?


I discovered that it’s possible to break Indy 4 and leave the submarine without your whip on the path of wits at bare minimum.


could you explain the Dig thing in a bit more detail?


Once you rescue Stan from the coffin in the crypt, he’ll ask you to leave while he sets up his office. When you return, he’ll set up the ‘Mutual of Stan’. There’s a spider web in the upper left corner. If you enter and exit the room about 35 times, you’ll see Maggie trapped in the web, and the spider monster will abduct her soon after. Creepy.


wow, that’s something.

i just did a Google search and found video of it being done if anyone wants to see it:


How can it be possible?? She had quite large boobs, not very masculine, indeed… :grinning:


I just thought she was a fat man :stuck_out_tongue:


Just listening to a great long interview with @David therein he mentions he has a “thing with microwaves” referencing the hamster in the microwave in MM and the egg in Zak.

I´ve always been reminded of this and wondered if that might have been an inspiration maybe.


Gremlins came out in 1984, and I definitely saw it. So yes, it’s very possible this was an inspiration for the hamster bit.


Which leads us to the question: Who had that idea first? :slight_smile:


Well I guess from now on we can blame Joe Dante for the hamster in the microwave (or maybe Chris Columbus, who wrote that movie, which seems to make sense because he went on to do the Home Alone movies).


I recently paid attention to these two small things, the first one is not even that great, probably.

In MI1, both the Melee’s treasure map and the map to Monkey Island are probably provided by the same guy (Citizen of Melee). This also would explain why both are “encrypted” to look like something completely different: dance steps and a recipe, even though the second one actually takes you there “as it is”.

In MI2, in the Phatt Library you can find the book “Great Expectorations” by Captain Loogie and you can actually take part at the spitting contest as Captain Loogie. This Captain Loogie must be quite the VIP in the tri-island-area.


J[quote=“Guga, post:13, topic:42”]
Also didn’t realize that you can go into a side room in the catacombs and read inscriptions on a wall about the grail

I realized quite late that it says something like “if you see a painting of the grail you can tell whether it’s shiny or not”, and then you find a painting in the castle giving you a hint for the final trial.

I think, in spite of my love for that game, that this was a very mean puzzle. Two different situations in which you may find or not some clue which is very hidden, you don’t know you HAVE TO find them, and the clues contain informations that change at every gameplay.


Indy3, at the very beginning. First playable room, the gym. You can close the door, and behind it there’s a switch. Ever tried to use it?


Yep. I agree. I played Indy 3 several times with two friends and we never got all informations to chose the correct grail. In the end we just tried all grails. :slight_smile:


Oh, no, I haven’t…


Well, the light goes off. Unbelievable.


Doesn’t one of the other characters complain about the lights?


Probably the box trainer, and I think Indy then turns them on automatically?

Nevertheless: Having to close the door makes lighting of the room easier when lights are switched off :stuck_out_tongue: