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Cool things in old Lucasfilm Games adventures that you only discovered years later


But I wasn’t wondering why the game was called like that.

I was wondering why the ISLAND was called Monkey Island :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s clearly stated in the game


Ron told that in one interview. While working on the game he remembered a song he had heard in his teens (something like: “Welcome to monkey island, now grab your chimp”), and it just made sense to call the game like that.


Found these two songs:

Might be one of them.

And here is a bonus - a game inspired song by a German viking metal band Equilibrium even called “Monkey Island” in German:

Though on their first album was a song Shingo Murata, that sounded more Caribbean and very inspired by the Monkey Island intro:

Fan-made music of Lucasfilm Games

Wow. They could be great reasons to call it Monkley Island, and both were composed prior to 1990. I didn’t knew those songs. The one from The J. Geils Band is very good.

But they are not the reason behind giving it that name. In fact, it was a joke, not a song (my memory is starting to fail!).

I went back and found it on Ron’s talk, at 28:30.


I… uh… I broke Full Throttle (the original version, played on ScummVM). I’m basically stuck in a room where I can’t do anything.

I went to the Corley Motors and I turned off the projector during Ripburger’s speech. After a bit you get a cutscene where he gets angry and a woman restarts it. However, since I like to click random stuff when I’m thinking on how to solve a puzzle, I turned it off again and, before the cutscene, decided to get back to the outside.

I got the cutscene right after I entered the outside “room” - and when it ended, the game came back to the outside room but the camera didn’t scroll. The Corley factory and my motorbike were outside the screen, and the only hotspots weren’t reachable by foot. Fortunately I had saved, because I couldn’t really do anything!

I’m now trying as hard as I can to reproduce it, but I never get the timing right.


When I first played MI2 and I saw this:

I didn´t know it was clearly inspired by this:

This was not because I didn´t watch cartoons like this. In fact I used to have tons of old b/w cartoons like this from Fleischer, Disney, Warner, Felix The Cat etc. There were those super cheap tapes that were only like half an hour long and had four of the old shorts on it. I never had issues with them being in black and white and having no dialogue, although modern kids are always said to reject stuff like this.

Do kids today still watch classic old black and white cartoons?

Happy Halloween, anyways! :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::ghost::skull::alien::japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin::clown_face::crescent_moon::bat::vampire: :spider::spider_web::franklin::ransome::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:


I don’t know in your area, but in my area kids today watch Peppa Pig, Curious George, Masha and Bear … and so on.


I think the oldest I´ve seen my cousins daughters watch was the smurfs(the 80s animated show NOT the new movies). But that might be because he grew up with it.


You know, on May 2017 we projected the latest Smurfs movie in the cinema.
We had the “great” idea to collect all the Smurfs italian opening themes (of the cartoons) from 1982 to 1997, in a short movie 30 minutes long.
Kids were dancing to the music, while their parents were singing those themes, with a tear of nostalgia.

I think the oldest cartoon they (the kids) can watch here, is Tom & Jerry or a Road-Runner one, when some TV show is out of contents for some reason…

…but I am digressing now…


Another Smurfs story from myself…

Today kids obviously aren´t dropped off or left alone. But when I was kid supermarkets had televison sets to keep kids entertained while parents were shopping . I clearly remember one where there was a set that had tapes of The Smurfs show running all the time on a TV set that was wrapped into a gigantic oversized furry ALF costume(the screen was his belly)! I revisted that place and it obviously doesn´t have that anymore, but it was awesome, back then!


COOL! I mean… RAD!


Totally! :laughing:


It looks like Alf was raped by a Teletubby. That hurts. :cry:


There was no rape, Alf and a teletubby just were using the same transporter simultanously!


Oh no, I hope he didn´t suffer the same fate like that poor monkey!


Just now discovered a bit of dialogue in MI1 that I never knew about:

If you encounter one of the pirates but don’t have a sword, you get a couple dialogue options, one of which leads to Guybrush asking the pirate if they all “talk like that,” to which the pirate replies “Pirate lingo! That’s how they all talked back then. Play along, Guybrush.”

Feels like a nice treat for MI2 ending conspiracy theorists :sunglasses:


That random line can also appear when you have the sword. There’s another line to ask random pirates. You can beg for some pieces of eight, but that line only appears if you don’t have any money yet, afaIk.


While preparing my first game design talk ever, I found out that Zak can get out of the Mindbender if you quickly put the nose glasses and hat on!



Can I ask you where your talk will be?


A bit buggy, I guess. He walks into the cell and talks to the wall, twice. First time even with the force field in place. Does he do this in all versions of the game? Shouldn’t he just stand in front of Zak when he talks to him? Well, he is meant to be stupid, but that seems a bit too stupid to me.