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Cool things in old Lucasfilm Games adventures that you only discovered years later


Yes, I noticed that too. I guess that they swapped accidentally the viewing directions.


Maybe he got mindbended (mindbent?) by the machine!


It already happened last week, actually :slight_smile:

I was invited to a local university (southern Italy) to discuss adventure game design and give a quick demo of Adventure Game Studio along with my brother.


Southern Italy is big. Where exactly? :smiley:


Probably somewhere in the heel. :drum:


You are right :smiley:

It was held in the University of Fisciano (that is actually the University of Salerno), for “Make A Game Campania”!


you should have played the demo :slight_smile:


Cool thing? check!
Years later? check!
Old Lucasfilm Games Adventure? Check! (admittedly, a demo - but still we haven’t been so on-topic in a long time)


I learned about the demos for LFG/LA adventure games only after diving more into ScummVM because they also had (somewhat) support for those.

Funny thing is that (at least back then) all demos were (kinda) playable because the playback-feature wasn’t implemented at all. Has this changed for ScummVM now?

They do list them as downloads on their page (+ game target):


It is from the passport to adventure demo.
It includes demos for Indy3, MI and Loom! And it is fully supported by scummvm.

I think non-playable demos go back as far as the C64 Maniac Mansion tour.


There’s also that Sierra “demo” from '87 or '88 or something. (It’s more of a bunch of trailers. I guess it was supposed to run on a store computer or something?)


This only affects Monkey Island 2 as that one in fact uses SCUMM’s hidden recording feature. All other selfrunning demos are scripted that way and play in ScummVM as intended, afaIk.

Monkey 2 demo is especially of interest, as it has some deleted lines intact and also several pre-release art. It is only partially playable in ScummVM, though, since all resource not needed by the demo were removed.


I remember playing a MI1 and a MI2 demo with ScummVM back then.
So the MI1 one was always meant to be played anyway? I thought it would use this playback feature too, interesting.


Cool thing in old Lucasfilm Games adventure that you only discovered years later indeed. :trophy:

You could have tried those demos in DOSBox, I guess. Especially when you expect that ScummVM doesn’t support them properly.