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Cross-stitch Thimbleweed Park characters by Emily Morganti


Emily has updated her gallery adding-a-boo the hotel manager. :slight_smile:


Here you have Madame Morena. :slight_smile:


Here is Natalie from the National Inquisitor… no wait, Nickel News it is!


The local gang is here…

Ron Gilbert:

Gary Winnick:

David Fox:


It’s time to make some investments and eat Wiener Schnitzel!



Sauerkraut, please.

Wiener Schnitzel is a speciality from Austria (as the name suggests: Wien = Vienna :slight_smile: )


Btw. the German subtitles are the only ones just saying “Schnitzel” without Wiener (and Boris wants it with Pommes).

German dubbing thread

Wow, this real life pixel art is just awesome! :heart_eyes:


Chet and Brett, conspiracy theorists.
Did she use proper metal yarn? We can only hope, the signals are strong tonight!




Finally, here is Doug! :slight_smile:


(mostly holes)


It would be brilliantly meta if there were pieces of thread plugged out next to the tip of the shovel, as if he was digging holes into the fabric.


Will he be the narrator in Ron’s new RPG?


Tsk… George, you little two-timing traitor, who shows pride for being a federal employee but actually is a member of an anti-government secret society. :angry:


Finally we are getting to the more decent characters in TWP!

Lenore Edmund-Mulch:

Peter Edmund-Mulch:


But there is still another important Chuck missing…



Chuck MM Chuck Indy3 Chuck TWP


It’s Mine (yes, it’s official) the mime!

And here another version!


You could also get another - Australian version of it.


I can see a bubble saying: “Ransome! You jerk!”


Here is Bat Kid! But where is his friend Kid Bat?


We have some serious cosplaying going on…

Also Disney is the best company ever!

Silent Spock: