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Cross-stitch Thimbleweed Park characters by Emily Morganti


wow, this is so beautiful. How awesome would it be a big cross-stitch tapestry with all the characters together…






That’s exactly what I’m doing! Here’s how it looks so far.

Also I just finished Delores!


oh mine that looks fanfantastic! I think there are enough loonies hanging around this forum to make you rich if you start selling them! :smile:


We will need to collect money to build a cathedral for this tapestry!

Oh I can see a decapitated Franklin there, this raises even more questions about his death…


Good eye! He’ll be complete soon. :slight_smile:


I knew it!
One of the agents killed him, using the working chainsaw !!!


I would love that as a patchwork quilt, all snug under the Thimbleweed Park posse, my Dream Protectors.


Everytime I see the pizza dude, I do get hungry.


I wonder who that center spot (next to Ron/ above Delores) is reserved for…


He is DONE!

Flashback Franklin:

We already had Ghost Franklin, who’s next, Zombie Franklin?


It’s for Chuck of course!

Chuck MM Chuck Indy3 Chuck TWP


Hotel Guest on good hair day:

Hotel Guest on bad hair day:



I was actually thinking of asking her if she´d do the latter one, too. :slight_smile:


Mr. El Paulo.
How comes he’s looking so relaxed when he is constantly being called by Edna? Did something happen we don’t know about?


Ransome with a Ransome-T-Shirt:

Ransome without Ransome-T-Shirt:


That’s Corey! And the other one is Cory!


Sounds like garfield minus garfield!


Do you have any prove for your bold claim/accusation?