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Cross-stitch Thimbleweed Park characters by Emily Morganti


So, when I first saw this photo I just thought “That’s very nice!” but after I read the article that Emily wrote to explain what she did to obtain this result I realized that cross-stitching can be extremely complicated, especially if you have to start from a Photoshop file. So kudos to her for this wonderful result. :slight_smile:

Author: Emily Morganti
Additional photos and deep explanation:

What happened in the adventure game field while I was away?

My mother is very expert at this, she’s doing this and many other techniques involving needles, yarn, patchwork and so on…
it’s basically pixel art with needles, LOL


This is extremely well done


Well… when I was a small child, my mother loved to cross stitch, and I wanted to try. I had some fun copying whatever design (I think it was a flower) she got me from one of her books, and then I thought “hey… I could do something from my beloved videogames instead of flowers”.

Never actually got to make it, but I like how I, as a child, was thinking of doing “pixel art with needles”.


Me too :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting this! I had so much fun making it I decided to try something more ambitious - I’m making an afghan with Thimbleweed Park characters. Converting them to charts isn’t as complicated this time because I’m using the characters at their original sizes instead of reducing larger versions. Each square of the afghan is the equivalent of 90 pixels by 90 pixels and most of the characters will fit inside that space (some, like Ransome and the Mime, are too tall and will need to be cropped).

I’ll be posting the charts on my website as I go along, so if anyone wants to cross stitch a Thimbleweed Park character, you’ll be able to without having to convert it yourself.

So far I’ve done Ray, the Coroner, and the Sheriff. I’m currently working on the annoying hotel kid. (The forum only let me insert one image into this post, but you can see the Sheriff and the Coroner if you follow the link to my site.)


Real life pixel art.


Aren’t they the same cross-stitch? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Or is there just some resemblance around the eyes?


Emily has published on her website a Ransome Real-life Pixel Art™ and it was too good not to update this thread with the photo. :slight_smile:

Source (it includes cross-stitch charts):


Btw. in this photo of Ransome it’s quite hard to see the differences e.g. in the hair (3 different colours)

Also let’s add the other ones too for sake of completeness and because they are so nice to look at:







Sssssexy Riker:


Behold! The Pigeon Brothers…Sisters?




The signals are strong tonight!


Party like it’s 1987!

DJ Cassie:


Just finished Willie!


Amazing job. I’d love to have these on my wall!


Oh, it’s I-have-a-confession-to-make-but-first-let-me-take-a-drink Willie! Cheers!





There are two new additions to Emily’s cross-stitch charts. :slight_smile:



Here is also the link to the full gallery of cross-stitch characters on Emily’s website.


New characters by Emily: Leonard and the plant! :slight_smile: