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Cross-stitch Thimbleweed Park characters by Emily Morganti


I was at a restaurant watching the end of the auction on my phone. I couldn’t believe how much the price went up in the last few minutes! Amazing!

I would estimate each character took around 10 hours, so maybe 490-500 hours altogether. I cross stitch while I watch TV in the evenings (I can’t just watch TV, I get bored) and I finished 1-2 characters per week. The afghan was definitely a big project, but it’s not the biggest I’ve ever done. I’ve run out of wall space so I mostly do petitpoint (miniature needlework) for my dollhouses now. Ironically I’m currently stitching a miniature carpet that will be about 6.25" x 9.5" when it’s finished, and it has about 16k MORE stitches in it than the finished afghan! (The size difference comes from the type of fabric – there are a lot more stitches per inch in the carpet than on the afghan – and also the fact that the carpet is a sold block of stitching versus the afghan, which has so much blank space.)

If you’re curious what the petitpoint looks like, you can see some of them in a gallery here:

There are two reasons I didn’t want to keep any of the money. One, I have made the charts available for personal use only and I didn’t want to be a hypocrite by selling what I had told other people not to sell (even though Ron told me it would be okay if I did). And two, because this project was never about money for me. I got paid for my PR work on Thimbleweed Park – that’s my job – but the cross stitch was something I did for fun and for the community, and I didn’t feel right getting paid for that as if it had been part of my job. Plus I believe that the Foundation is doing important work and it made me feel good to be able to help them out.

But I never expected it to sell for this much! I’m pretty overwhelmed by how it turned out. I hope the winner loves it as much as I loved making it.


That’s only $3.5 per hour :slight_smile:

That petitpoint looks amazing! It took me a few photos to realise these were miniatures. Must be straining to the eyes, making those.


Yes, the photos are amazing! Some of those I cannot distinguish from the real (size) world! Actually I’m still not sure if they are all from a doll house…


The Thimbleweed Park characters were much easier on my eyes, that’s for sure!


I wonder what the winner is going to do with that magnificent piece of art, hang it on a wall? It would be interesting to see where it ends up.

At that price it may end up vacuum sealed in a trophy case, but I hope not. :grinning:


Auction results like this are one of many reasons I am happy that Shkreli is serving time now.