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Cross-stitch Thimbleweed Park characters by Emily Morganti


I must be colourblind, somehow.


It’s hard to spot, but I can see it even in the first picture.

(It’s light gray.)


Oddily, I can see it better in the first pic.


I don’t think the close-up helps either. I spotted it on the first pic and then I couldn’t even find it on the second pic for a few seconds. Still, you can analyze it in minute detail and see the actual thread that way.


You mean that spelling error on the city limit sign?


What spelling error?! :astonished:


Made you look! :wink:


You gave me a heart attack!


Don´t mind him, he´s developed sort of a cheeky habit as of late


Sorry!! :flushed:


$490.00 so far.
Now, if I won an instant scratch-and-win, I would surprise everyone with a $1,000 bid…

…but “Tell me your dreams” is another thread.


Auction just ended!
Unbelievable!!! :franklin: :reyes: :ray:


wow! It went really well!


curious if it’s anyone that frequents this forum…


don’t know. In the latest 10 minutes the price grown from 640$ to that amount! Still impressed!


yeah looking at the bidding history, three different people were raising the bid during the very last minute:


I don’t know what crazy person would pay so much money for such small piece cloth!

(And yes, I was one of those bidders during the last minutes… :crazy_face:)


Ahahah! Great! But you didn’t win?


Btw. shipping is extra so the actual amount to pay would be $1,810.50 :money_with_wings: :slight_smile:

I don’t know why Emily wants to donate all of the money, she really should have kept some amount for all the work she had!
@Emily do you know how many hours you have worked on this?


Also everyone who didn’t make (e.g. everyone on this planet except the mysterious highest bidder) is free to still donate for Video Game History Foundation: :moneybag: :arrow_right:

And while you guys are at it: :moneybag: :arrow_right: