Cutscene Mysteries

I’m playing again the game and now I have questions about mysterious people that do not show their face off.

  1. Who’s sheriff is talking to on the phone after one of the agents are captured in the sewer, telling it’s done “violently”, addressing “sir”? Is it the game engine (AI?)?

  2. Franklin sees who at the door? The one who zaps him. It’s someone who is familiar to him. Can he be Chuck?

  3. Who killed Boris???

  1. It should be Chuck (or the AI which owns him)

  2. It should be the Hotel Manager-a-boo. The only person who is in the hotel, guests apart. If it were Chuck, he should have been noticed by the agents.

  3. Who knows?

   2. Franklin saw and recognised his murderer. Wouldn’t you think Franklin commenting on this when meeting his murderer? e.g. when seeing the Hotel Manager in the lobby the first time after his murder?

Uhm, I hadn’t thought about it.
Then who was his murderer?

If I didn’t know about the “spoiler” tag, this topic would make me think I need glasses.


When hovering over the text you can even try to guess it…

Um… no spoiler tags has been used in this thread…

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To know exactly who killed Boris just watch Twin Peaks Season 3 (21 May 8:30 P.M Showtime/Sky Atlantic HD 3:50 A.M - I’m watching it at night in Italy!!

I’m coming your home, since I don’t have Sky :slight_smile:

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There actually is a very simple answer to all those questions.

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Yes, we know Ron et co. did it, but what does it all mean!? What is The Secret of Monkey Island?

That´s yet another question with a very simple answer!

More importantly, Franklin asks to his murderer “How did you know I was here?”, which he would never had said to the Hotel Manager, who perfectly knew where Franklin was.

No no, the disguise was perfect! On that day just some George Michael checked in (at least on my playthrough).

Hmm… I don’t understand. Assuming that the Hotel Manager [spoiler]never realized that the guest was Franklin, in which way the question “How did you know I was here?” makes sense when asked to the Hotel Manager?

Franklin would have assumed that the Hotel Manager knocked at the door for some hotel business, given that the Hotel Manager previously visited Franklin to “fix” the HotelTron.[/spoiler]

You are right, he probably wouldn’t have said something like this to the Hotel Manager.

But assuming it was the Hotel Manager he probably was holding a weapon in his hand at this point, so it still could have been possible as this would have make Franklin realise his disguise had failed. But the disguise was perfect anyway.

I think this is wrong:

[…] the Hotel Manager, who perfectly knew where Franklin was

At least he didn’t admit anything to the agent and seemed surprised too. Aaand also the disguise was perfect.

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Yes, I expressed myself badly. I should have written:

“… which he would never had said to the Hotel Manager, who perfectly knew where that person was.”