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Murderer Suspects!

So… Having completed the game a few things hang in the air.

Now these could well be you know hints that the whole world is in a… (not sure how to spoiler text?)

Now no matter what someone did kill Boris.

Who do you think done it? My pick would be Ransome because on the bench at the bus station it says ‘eats tuna’, up the path from the murder location there is a can of tuna heads.

Ransome also reminds me of a evil clown something akin to that one out of ‘IT’ that hovers round the sewers.

Now, we know that Ray and Reyes didn’t do it because we have seen what their motivations were. They were explicitly underlined by the calls they received.

I don’t actually think Sheriff-Coroner-HotelManager did it. He had plenty of opportunities to knock off Ray and Reyes and he didn’t as well as Delores and the Clown for that matter. I think he couldn’t murder anyone.

After the call he gets from his ‘boss’, he does agree with violent action but we never see him do anything remotely violent. He’s no Fester Shinetop!!

He might be actively trying to disrupt the AI. It might have been a call from Real Chuck, stuck in the machine telling him what to do. Destroy the cameras say? I don’t think real Chuck was evil either so that would make sense if before he got amalgamated with the machines he had respected Chuck. He says in his diary he got rid of Sheriff and Coroner I think? But could have just moved them on and put his man in place keeping his eyes out for Chuck.

He is watching . At one point he shiftily lurks by the door but I don’t think he has nefarious intentions at all. He might not have been talking about people at all but something else perhaps? The machines, the cameras.

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Highlight the text you want to hide, then click the Options cog on the right, and the third option down is Blur Spoiler :slight_smile:

Have you discovered what happens if you leave one of the agents alone for too long in Part 4?

Also, the Sheriff makes a point of saying that the ArrestTron 3000 is foolproof. But we are led to believe that Willy was not the killer - at least in the eyes of Reyes and Delores. So what was the Sheriff really saying? “Haha, you’ll never catch me, because I programmed the verdict of the ArrestTron-a-reno!”


Hey! Thanks for the tip!
Yeah I did, but did that character die? Seemed no different when ‘returned’ than before ?

Also all the Tron machines were designed by Chuck. The thing is,
we find a wallet Willie has handled, we know he has handled the murder weapon because it is found in his cardboard home in the sewers.

Don’t you think the placement of his bottle (sans blood), is suspicious?

So Willie found a wallet, looked at it, probably nicked some money for booze. I don’t think he did it. Would be pretty easy to frame him. Would be too easy, we even saw him as Boris was there but he didn’t look at all menacing. When begging for money he never gets aggressive so I don’t see him as the murderer.

I think the sheriff-hotelmgr-coroner might be a human under cover as a robot because at one point he makes a mistake and uses the wrong catchphrase in the hotel! A programmed unit wouldn’t deviate. Maybe he is a plant from Chuck he’s his eyes, his ears for Proper Chuck who is stuck in the machine.

If someone were drunk you could even shove the murder weapon in his and he wouldn’t know what was going on and you could frame his easily.

According to the witch? who cursed Ransome he is cursed to stay at the circus but once we fed the hamster he could freely roam? That’s odd. Also, she admits she doesn’t know how to curse at her shop. Maybe someone put something in his makeup that made it stick. You know, like permanent markers and stuff?

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btw: We have discussed that topic here in the forum in several threads. You should have a look at them.

That’s true, they were no different afterwards. But I still find the event very suspicious.

That’s an interesting idea. But why would he try to hinder the other characters in getting to the factory by hiding the maps? If Proper Chuck is aware that he’s been trapped and wants to be freed, I think he would want the others to reach him as soon as possible.

Hey, you’re right! I never questioned that before! :open_mouth:

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Fairplay Someone, I am new here. I’ll have a looka-hoo!

Hm… I might be wrong on that. :thinking: We discussed the murderer of Boris:

But I would swear that we discussed Willy too…

(btw: We tend to get off-topic in this forum as soon as a topic is/was discussed. So don’t wonder if the/a discussion leads (suddenly) to something completely different. :wink: )


thing is. Who wrote the note that led Boris down there certainly not Willie. Murderer left the note, though as an aside Willie is the smartest dressed drunk of all time, Is he an alley of proper Chuck and their fallout the cover?

Problem with leaving a plot open for people is you could essentially factor a whole bunch of plausible but untrue theories into the mix, even that the devs didn’t think about…

You can justify pretty much anything if you leave things open enough so the problem is with a concrete answer to it all, we end up speculating…

I love it to bits but it has as many inconsistencies as your average Brit.


Yeah, but it’s fun to speculate and come up with different theories, based on the details that each of us have noticed! :smiley:

Case in point: I’m a Brit that doesn’t like tea! (Despte my username and avatar - inspired by the tea that lets you speak different languages.)


Don’t worry. We have a small tendency to get off-topic anyway. (Talking of which, the category is so not Off-topic… yet! [edit]: fixed it for you)
So you can discuss or re-discuss anything everywhere. @Calypso will move it eventually


Shocking!! I will alert the authorities. You shall be shipped off to Australia at the first available opportunity…
Though considering most Aussies are of English ancestry you might have a hard time there as well :smiley:

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@tasse-tee, you know you’re always welcome on mainland Europe, where we drink stuff other than tea and drive on the right (as in correct) side of the road!


I agree with the fish!


Haha ha. Right side of the road! We via Romans INVENTED the road.

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I have noticed something. In the alley and the murderer down by the sewer they have RED eyes by the looks of it, That’s why when I went into the shop’s toilet I went back out, turned out it was just a machine on the wall but… well have you notice that all the ghosts in the game have red eyes. The only problem being how would they hit someone.

But, with that weird gem the chief ghost had perhaps you could, who knows?

I don’t recognise him. I would have spoillered that pic but everyone who plays it sees it at that point in the game anyway.

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I’ve worked it out. In my opinion both murders were by the bank manager. All the businesses have folded because of him, which he wants. He wants them all to fold so that he can bulldoze TWP as the picture at the factory shows. He was over at the pillow factory for some time. He told Delores she had to wait until the will was read before he would hand over the keys. He knew she wouldn’t get it and was in league with those developers. The real will was meant to be in the safety deposit box but doesn’t seem to be a way to unlock that. (Think the Devs didn’t include it in the end)

Boris got his note it was an official sounding note. How a bank manager would speak. Bank manager was probably a go between to investors with Franklin. He’s big. He had a lot to gain.

Sheriff / Coroner / Hotel Manager and Rikki don’t have nefarious intentions they are the eyes and ears for real Chuck stuck in the machine. Probably on his side before he got killed. They are loyal and want to help him stop the machine. He is still communicating through the ‘dial up’ phone line in the sheriffs office. That conversation he had with his ‘boss’ was with Chuck. He was on about killing the machine. Hence why the Virus, he was trying to break the machine, shut it down.

If Rikki had bad intentions then [spoiler]why keep helping Delores? With the Tube for one thing.

Sheriff was trying to stop people from wandering about while the murderer was on the loose. He’s not so smart so just grabbed the maps from the petrol station style shop. He was told by Chuck to look over and to protect Delores, the agents, even twatface the clown.

Someone is hounding the bank manager with groans. Could it be Boris? Doing the same thing we did with Franklin? Or is it the Sheriff on the orders of Chuck?

When they (Sheriff and Rikki) had chances to knock of the characters, they didn’t do it. They had ample opportunities. Bank manager knocked out the agent and put her in the sewer, he has hidden Franklins body in that big Fridge down here.

And finally all the pictures on the walls represent the system spying with cameras, the cameras are concealed in the paintings.

The footage we see is not ‘someone’ watching but the Pillowtron / AI view through the cameras.

We saw Chuck watching his monitors, he was monitoring the people, the places trying to work out how to knock out the system. Then he got killed by the Bank Manager who IS AN AI Robottron, probably a shock of some kind resulting in his heart attack. Because as a robot he could easily electrocute people! :slight_smile: Have some of that!

The clue is Blade Runner. [spoiler]In Blade Runner we knew Decard was an earlier model Nexus because of HIS EYES. The red reflection in his eyes. They also nod to the killer being a robot by having the unhuman red eyes. And in the sewer we see them. The alleyway. And then they nod heavily to this by the machine in the toilet having red ‘eyes’. The link to the machine and they eyes is very clear. Also reminds me of eye s of the Terminator

The bank manager is in on a lot of this and has much to gain. He also had access to the factory and the equipment and could have easily have electrocuted Franklin because he’s a Robot. He cut the tree down and put it in front of the sewer so no one could discover the body in the Fridge. He also framed Willie. If Willie had killed Boris he would be covered in blood, or at least splattered. Willie is the cleanest tramp I’ve ever seen.

\This might be complete bollocks but it is a coherent theory at least. :slight_smile:

Also anyone else who had done away with Boris would have left the teddies with his body, but this would lead to an investigation of that, of Franklins death, both of whom had Teddies on them.

It would end up leading back to the Bank Manager, the money man, the go between.

It was him who was trying to scare the agents away and he who framed Willie so the murder would be solved quickly. Probably left the body because he feared Willie would either see enough to tell the police or because he had decided to frame Willie. He couldn’t frame Willie for Franklin, so he hid the body.

Of course a

body is Very heavy, they call it DEAD WEIGHT for a reason because we are not supporting ourselves and all the blood lowers in rigor.

Now you would need to be strong to move a body, from a hotel all the way down to the sewer. Just dragging Boris from where he was hit to the water. But a ROBOT could do this easily because it is incredibly strong. Probably put Franklins body in a laundry trolley and took him down via the basement. Probably a sewer man hole down the back of the hotel.

Also, did you notice the **Speed at which the murderer stuck? He was lightening fast. Robots can be very fast and strong. He was the same on who hit the agent. Very quick very powerful. **

And lastly in the screengrab above it looks like the murderer, Bank Manager Robot has some kind of weapon in its hand. Perhaps that was what shocked Franklin at the door. He was certainly electrocuted and recognised his murderer.

Oh yes before I forget. The only person in TWP with a gun is the nutter down in the bunker with the tin hat on. Bald guy. He killed somebody, maybe he killed the proper DJ.

If you look at the bank manager, he is sat but he is almost as tall as some of the characters sat down, he must be the tallest person in the whole place and the murderer is hugh.

(Just finished the game in July 2020, using iOS version.)

I believe that Willie is innocent, or at least that’s what developers intended. Not only many characters in the game believes his innocence but also the game even allows us to let him out of jail in the last chapter.

My suspect for Boris’ case is the sheriff.

The real murderer must know the sewer and its dwelling very well. Boris was attacked by the sewer entry, while Willie was sitting drunken at the other side of the screen. The murder weapon can originally belong to Willie. The real murderer simply picked it up from Willie’s room in the sewer, and returned it there afterwards, which explains Willie’s fingerprint on it.

The only NPC who go to the sewer in the game is the sheriff. At the end of kidnapped agent event, the sheriff shows up in the sewer to rescue the agent. The sheriff even asks the agent to be blindfolded on the way out. Later in the game, we realize that it was the sewer tunnels where we find the murder weapon and connected to the crime scene.

In the same sense, it must be the sheriff who kidnapped the agent in the first place. I think that if you let two agents talk to each other, in one of their dialog, the agents already presumes the kidnapper was the sheriff.

As for Franklin’s case, my suspect is Rikki. I admit that this is a long shot but here is my reasoning.

For sure, It cannot be the sheriff/hotel manager. Franklin would not be surprised to see him at the door. (In fact, if you use the wrong picture to trick the surveillance camera, the hotel manager comes to the room and takes the picture out of the camera.)

Although it can be any character other than the sheriff/manager, my pick is Ricky. (1) Although Ricky is a very nice person, we know that she is a enthusiastic admirer of Chuck. So it does not surprise us if she was following whatever orders from AI/Chuck along with the sheriff. (2) The weapon of choice was neither a gun, nor a knife. It was electrical with zapping sound. The only character, other than Delores and Chuck, being good at electrical stuff is Ricky. (3) In the controversial cut scene where an agent is attacked (again) and laid upon the autopsy table, we see two characters who can be the attackers – the sheriff/coroner and Ricky. The two must have been working together in following orders from AI/Chuck.

So what happened between the two murders? Franklin and Boris were contacting each other for possibility of changing pillow factory into plush toy factory. However, Chuck discovered their discussion and decided to deal with them.

Chuck (AI corrupted), pretending Boris, lured Franklin to the hotel and sent Ricky to finish him.

Boris, a few days after, was also lured to come to TWP and then to the bridge by AI/Chuck who was pretending Franklin. This time the sheriff not only took care of Boris, but also put evidences to frame Willie.

This also gives a very simple explanation of the controversial cut scene. Sheriff and Ricky was again trying to follow the order from AI/Chuck where they try to deal with the agent violently and permanently. They attacked the agent and bring him/her to the autopsy table, believing him/her dead. However, the agent was simply blacked out and woke up later, which scared them to flee. The cut scene is simply there to show that Sheriff and Ricky were working together.

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