Dark (TV series)

I started watching Dark, the German TV series created for Netflix.
I’ve only watched the first two episodes; it looks promising so far and it is quite absorbing. I couldn’t watch more episodes yet because I’m a little busy at work and also at home with my children, who are on vacation.
For me it was also great to notice that I can understand 90% of what they are saying without reading the subtitles -luckily, because the translation used for the subtitles shortens many phrases, which I find odd-.
Maybe others in this forum have watched it or feel encouraged to do so. It has been compared to Twin Peaks and Stranger Things, which we have discussed before.

Abandoned it 6 episodes in, didn´t really like it that much. Maybe they should have compared it more to True Detective because it´s much closer to that in it´s bleakness, but even that was more enjoyable to watch.

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I’ve only watched the first two as well, but quite enjoyed it. Bits of it the story do remind me of Stranger Things but with a grittier, less polished feel. I’m watching with subtitles but I find that okay.

Curious to see how it progresses and if I’ll go off it like Milan. I’ve not heard much hype for it in the UK, just came across it.

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I liked the show very much and binge watched it within a weekend. I liked the story, I liked the selection of actors, though most of them I saw for the first time on screen.
For a German TV series format it was really superb, as most productions are more for the generation 50+ with telenovellas and homeland/country themes. Dark offered IMHO world-class level of production. And is definitely better than the first German Amazon Prime series with Matthias Schweighöfer, who is rather good-looking but not a good actor.
Similar situation is with German cinema. There are some great independent German movies like The Dark Side Of The Moon with Moritz Bleibtreu, whom I like as actor very much, and Jürgen Prochnow. But most productions in cinema are in the comedy genre and not worth mentioning, thus mostly unknown outside of German speaking countries.

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Also the best german directors like Werner Herzog don´t make movies in germany.

At least not anymore. I think the latest German films by him I saw were from the era, when he worked with Kinski.

And in most of those he´s the only german actor and they all were filmed in other countries and in english (in Aguirre Kinski isn´t even dubbing himself in the german version). Also Kinski was working outside of germany most of the time anyway. I don´t really consider those german productions in that sense. These days he makes straight american movies like Rescue Dawn with Christian Bale. I think the only real german movies he ever did are his earliest ones like Heart Of Glass or Even Dwarves Started Small.

Don’t forget Woyzeck form 1979, which should be 100% German production AFAIR. And it should still be part of school lecture and is usually shown after reading the book.

Oh yeah I forgot about that, that was done around the same time as Nosferatu or shortly after that when Kinski was growing his hair back.

Anyway Herzog is mostly an outstandingly good documentary filmmaker these days. Some great stuff to check out!

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So I finally finished watching it! I really liked it.

Season 1 leaves many unanswered questions, though. I’m not sure if they already knew there was going to be a Season 2 when they released it. If not, I don’t expect there will be answers for most of them…

I’ve picked it back up again and still enjoying it. Only about four episodes in though I think. I’ll come back for that spoiler text when I’m done :slight_smile:

I clicked on it and honestly I don´t think those are spoilers at all. But YMMV…

(I had to look that up!) I’ll wait just in case.

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For some reason I kinda like that you´re always admitting that.

Haha. I’m not sure why I felt the need to tell you.

I guess it’s fine in here, long as I don’t do that in an interview or something. “I had to look up what you do, because I’m completely unaware of your company. Please hire me.”

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