Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations

Do many of you use Netflix? I thought it’d be good to have somewhere we can make recommendations (other than the sci-fi thread where me and Milan have exchanged a few).

Here are some programmes I’ve enjoyed:

Set in the 1970s, when police first started looking seriously into the psychology of killers and started using the term ‘serial killer’. Dark, dingy and really well made.

The Alienist
Set in 1896 New York, following a psychologist enlisted to investigate the killing of homeless boys. Fantastic cast.

Manhunt (still watching so no spoilers please!)
Not to be confused with Mindhunter :thinking:
A dramatisation of the Unabomber case, telling the story of how he was caught. I’m not a huge fan of Sam Worthington in the lead but the story is quite gripping.

Hm, I’m noticing a pattern here.

Some others that people probably know of already:
Black Mirror
Orange is the New Black
Better Call Saul
Safe (check out Michael C Hall with an English accent)

Can anyone recommend any others?

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Because I noticed your patterns long ago I can so successfully recommend stuff to you. :wink:

Will check for stuff I could recommend later.

You’re like the little built-in Netflix widget, but probably better. And marginally less annoying :wink:

I don’t like being that predictable. Someone recommend something off-piste.

Only because I don´t have the time to watch enough. :smile:

Well, I also like to watch quite a few documentary series but that may depend on the interest for the topic.

With this nostalgic crowd however I don´t think you can go wrong with The Toys That Made Us (8 episodes in two seasons so far). I recommended that on twitter before, too.

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Not sure if you have the same choices on Netflix in the UK, but I can recommend a couple of hilarious comedy specials:

John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City*
Fred Armisen: Standup for Drummers

*Actually there are a lot of good Mulaney specials on Netflix, but this is the newest one where he compares the current POTUS to a horse in a hospital (you’d have to hear the whole bit to understand but it’s hilarious) :laughing:

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Does that mean we can shoot him when he breaks his leg? :smiley:

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Thanks, I’ll check those out :slight_smile:

At first I was like, oh yeah, John Mulaney from Frasier and Coen Brothers films. Didn’t he die? :roll_eyes:

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His name was Mahoney and unfortunatly yes he did.

Yeah I realised that soon afterwards.

Season 1 of “13 reasons why” was a good one. Very provoking. Haven’t checked season 2 but it seems it was an afterthought sprang from season 1 success…

Oh yeah, a few other people have recommended that, but they have quite different taste to me. They tend to like soppy stuff. Would you say it’s soppy?

btw the german title is “Dead Girls Don´t Lie” :man_facepalming:

I wouldn’t say it’s soppy. It’s… challenging, ideal to watch it with someone else and discuss it afterwards. The “what would you have done” sort of discussion.

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oh dear…

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I strongly recommend Fargo. Especially if you have seen the movie, back then. Astounding photography, great story, fantastic setting and ambience, gorgeous soundtrack. Oh, and spectacular cast.

Stranger things, but probably you know it yet.


Oh yeah, I forgot I started that and then got distracted. I should get back to it.

  • Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television (YouTube Red, which isn’t legally available in Belgium #watcheditanyway)
  • Fuller House
  • The Ranch
  • La Mante (haven’t watched it yet but I hear it’s good)
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Seen the three season and hope for a fourth now (especially with the way the third ended!)

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Fine by me!

:angel: “Who let the horse into a hospital???”

:japanese_ogre: “But the hospital was run inefficiently!”

BTW, Mulaney (not Mahoney) was a writer on SNL for many years and created the funny Stefan character:

…and I also get him confused with Rob Delaney (because they rhyme and I follow them both on twitter) :slight_smile:

Oh yeah! He’s so funny - I love Catastrophe. Richard Herring (British comedian) did a really good podcast interview with him too.

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