Is the new Twin Peaks series good enough?

There is a good reason why I’m creating this topic. Let me summarize it to you:

  1. I was a great fan of Twin Peaks
  2. I don’t watch TV anymore, since many years. I don’t have the inclination and the patience.
  3. I would like to understand if the new Twin Peaks series is good enough to justify a subscription to a network that airs it.

So, to those who are watching it: how does it compare to the first or second series? :slight_smile:

Of course, I ask you not to spoil it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Isn’t Twin Peaks served only by NetFlix?

I don’t know, I have not searched for a network, yet. I assume that it will not be difficult to find one that airs it.

I’m watching it on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

I loved the first two series and, so far, would say the new one’s just as good. I was pleasantly surprised since most rebooted shows have disappointed me in the past (even my beloved X Files, sob).

I think it reproduces the tone of the original pretty well - it feels more ‘current’ but that makes sense because time has progressed in the story too. It’s also fun being reunited with some of the original cast and characters. (I hope those weren’t spoilers - I think those things are pretty well known.)

On that last note the new series obviously has the benefit of nostalgia, which might be influencing me, but then the first series had the benefit of being something new and original, so I guess they cancel each other out.

In my humble opinion it recaptures that perfect mix of eerieness, horror and hilarity (I’ve absolutely cracked up a few times).

I can’t really say much else without ruining it for you, but if you liked the original series I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow, thanks. I didn’t expect that, in part for the reason that you already mentioned.

One of the things that I didn’t like of the past productions was that Lynch was pressed by some producers to reveal the murderer of Laura Palmer. Do you know perhaps if this time Lynch has the full creative control of the story? I have not followed the news carefully but I remember that there was some “turmoil” between Lynch and the network during the first phases of the production. I wonder if the story will actually be what Lynch wanted it to be.

I thought that happened because the show got cancelled, and they needed to wrap it up (as much as Twin Peaks ever ‘wraps up’). But given what usually happens you’re probably right!

I don’t know what the situation is this time round. I hope it’s mostly, if not all, on his terms.

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Its so weird, slow and I got bored, so I couldnt watch it anymore … so I stopped after 2 episodes

American god’s are much more interesting

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Were the first two series less weird and less slow, from your perspective?

I like the old one… classic one… its has been much better produced, more interesting to watch

The last TV show I watched was Breaking Bad, and that was years ago.

Me too, haven’t really watched a lot before and after that. I remember seeing the first season of Game of Thrones though.

It took a long time that Netflix is available in my country at all, but it doesn’t seem like Twin Peaks is on there (for my country). Sky Atlantic seems to be the only option I’ve found, would cost me ~20 EUR per month (or ~15 EUR/month without HD).

Well first off other than in 1990/1991 David Lynch has directed every single episode himself, so I guess he has more control than he had back then.

Also the network pressured to resolve the murder early in season 2 but it wasn´t cancelled until later and when it was cancelled Lynch was brought back to do the series finale.

This one is so hard. First off there are lots of parts that are a lot more like Lynchs more recent films like Inland Empire or Mullholland Dr. or Lost Highway in fact there is a story Arc that is a lot like the plot of Lost Highway.

Then there are long scenes that are more like Eraserhead and his experimental early short films.

However it is also very very funny. Take every scenes with Andy and Hawk for instance. Or the whole Dougie Jones plot (Naomi Watts is amazing as the wife!). Also I absolutly loved the scene between Cole and Denise which was not only hilarious but somehow strangley heartwarming and I was completly mesmerized how David Duchovny managed to ease back into a role he played last BEFORE he broke it big as Fox Mulder.

Besides how great it is to see so many familiar faces again it is also nice to see what they have done with them, for example Amanda Seyfried as Shelly´s delinquint daughter as well as Bobby now being a police officer or the mystical Diane now first seen in the flesh being played by longtime Lynch collaborator Laura Dern all make so much sense to me.

The series is slow moving and goes into a thousand directions at the same time, but I absolutly love it. I was kinda hoping they´d go on with the trend of finishing off every single episode with a musical performance, but that´s how this thing works you never know what you can expect.

So I´ll just finish up with a musical number (from the premiere episode) then.

More than it was in the first two series?

It’s beautiful. The slow rhythm and the soft voice of the singer reminds me of “The Nightingale”, from the OST of the first series:

It’s on Showtime in the US. You have to have a subscription.

Yes, like A LOT more. But things like that are really difficult to measure, anyway.

Yes, I´m sure that was the intention. It´s also amazing to think that I previously knew that group from this:

Which is also great but totally different.

I lapped that bit up :laughing: I agree with all those points. I actually find it funnier than the original.

A few people have lamented that it’s slow moving, but I don’t mind that - it gives me time to digest.

Also, I’ve just remembered the bit when Lucy screams herself off her chair when (the other) Truman shows up, because she doesn’t understand how mobile phones work. That had me in fits. I love how the Twin Peaks universe has these random, unpredictable moments of melodrama - brilliant.

Oh yeah that bit was so hilarious “:Andy: We´ve been through this so many times why does this keep happening, Lucy?” Also Lucy´s son played by Michael Cera doing a Marlon Brando impression was so bizarre. The look on Truman´s face troughout that whole scene pretty much summed it up.

Indeed. MC pulled that off really well.

It’s totally worth a subscription IMO. Kyle M is absolutely killing it, and it’s really funny in a lot of places. After seeing the “Mr. Jackpot” episode I could not stop saying “Hellooo-ooo-oooo” around my apartment for days.

Even though it’s occasionally slow, you just have to get in the right mindset for the pacing. Sort of like watching a 70’s Robert Altman movie.

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