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I knew I recognised those!

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If you don’t know it already: A second movie is coming.

I do know! And I’m so excited :smile:

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And you will be able to watch it first! We in Germany have to wait until 2019… :frowning:

Come to the UK in Nomember/December and watch it early! :grin:
(Google says March, but it’s wrong.)

Maybe I should come to the UK, too. 20 years is a bit long not having been there is it?

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I would love to! Maybe we could watch it all together and do a TWP forum meetup?


That would be awesome! But it’s cold then :snowman:
When’s the film out in Germany?


Your cinemas don’t have a heater? :slight_smile:

  1. January 2019

You know what I meant :wink: A meetup might be nicer during a warmer month of the year, perhaps.

Meh, still cold :confused:

It´s been 20 years since I´ve been in england this august I believe.

The movie that month was the X-Files movie I belive, but I saw that in germany (in a theater that doesn´t exist anymore).

Not in German winters. :wink: It’s a little bit windy. But if we have the same weather like this year, you can eat ice cream at the Rhine or the Ruhr. (Not kidding.)

January wasn´t even that bad, it´s only gotten real cold in the last couple of weeks here really.

Interesting… :smiley:

Bavaria hadn’t the same weather as the northern of Germany. Hadn’t you even snow in january?

Yes, it was really sunny. You can’t go out without a coat, but it was warm enough to eat ice cream in the sun.

Not everywhere. I live in a lower region and the weather can be very different here most of the times.

In that case, maybe we should… ah, hang on, not everyone here speaks German.

You know what, maybe we should start a new thread and brainstorm ideas for an actual forum meetup! I think quite a few of us would like to make that happen :blush:


Sometimes some cinemas are showing the English version of a movie (sometimes with subtitles - and maybe I can arrange something.) But you are of course right. :slight_smile:

There is already a thread:

But I worry that we have to use an event (like the start of a film) to meet us. We are all living far away from each others. Even Milan and I would have to drive 600 km and more to meet us. So it would be very difficult to meet us.

To be honest I think the chances are slim, because of the logistics. But nevertheless thinking about it is fun. :slight_smile:

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