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We all see something that tickle our funny bone, or inspire us, or make our day in some other manner. Please, post them here and make the day for the rest of the lot.


Nice topic. Personally, I’m always quite impressed how talented some people are with music. Some of my favourites I frequently return to (the specific songs more so than the artists):

(Both like the music and the atmosphere; and the audience.)

(Piano pro)

(Who doesn’t like video game music?)


When you call everybody in your band a mask wearing “nameless ghoul” this is what band introduction is like:

:joy: also the part where he can´t find the bass player…

Creativity creates creativity. Or, rather, creativity evolves. And that is, to my opinion, that drives us forward.
(I’m in advertising, so all I do is recreate old ideas…)

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Pogo! I love his music :relaxed: :two_hearts:
I always feel transported to a magical world when I listen to it.


We needed :mushroom: for that in my days…


Swan rescue: “Job well done” :relaxed:



I mean, good job! :wink:


Is there also a set of rules for people preferring the über? :slight_smile:

Btw. I didn’t know it’s called car. Coincidentally the very same rules apply to public transport like streetcars, undergrounds, busses etc.

Speaking of public transport: Sometimes you also have the rule to prioritise specific people (disabled, prams).
I like borrowing strollers to crush my enemies (or generic people) in and before lifts!

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At the same time, I`m wondering why there haven´t been more Paternoster accidents in their time.

Because you've got the boring one.

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How could you know that and…huuuuuuuuuhhh??

As a Brit, I would never call it a car. Instead, it’s a… hmm… :thinking:
…I can’t think of a separate word for that part of it. I’d just say “lift”, which refers to the whole thing.

What about cabin? That’s what it’s called in German.

Wait, what?

Seems to be true though.


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No, I wouldn’t call it that either.
@PiecesOfKate, what would you call the part of a lift that you stand in to get to another floor?

I actually also had to think for awhile what is it called in Finnish. Colloquially it would maybe be “koppi” / a booth, but officially I think it’s “vaunu” / a carriage or a car.

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It’s technically also the liftcabine in Dutch, but I think every normal person would just call it the lift.

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