Dear Mr. very busy Ron "Ronbrush" Gilbert - Forum request

Dear @RonGilbert,

we know you are very busy right know. Ok it seems you have been the last 2 years too and for some odd reason you didn´t tell us why.

We discussed it a bit now. We thought about what´s happping to the forum after the release of Return to Monkey Island.
Most of us feel like we found a wonderfull home in this forum, not only to discuss about Thimbleweed Park, but Adventure Games in general and a lot of other topics too.

So we thought it would really be sad and a pitty if we had to leave all these great threads that are filled with joy behind, should there be a new forum for RTMI in the future.

So we thought, maybe, maybe it could be possible to keep this forum an all it´s contend and to combine it with RTMI. That would require a rebrand and reorganistion. New subforums and a new structure. Maybe something like Terrible Toybox Forum? At least several members liked that idea.

I don´t know if this is possible since Disney and Devolver are involved somehow too.
But if it would be possible and if you like that idea too, we would love to keep everything we build in the last years over here and to add a lot more beautiful threads, about RTMI and a lot other topics.

Yes and of course you don´t have the time to do that right know. But maybe you can think about it and tell us what you think.

Thank you.


Terrible Toybox is the developer, so they’re definitely the ones responsible for support, etc. Methinks the simplest solution is to use the existing forum (this one) as an all-purpose TT forum. Telltale has an all-purpose forum to serve as an example. That may mean migrating it to the TerribleToybox domain. If there’s a migration maybe we can move to better forum software like XenForo?

I like discourse with all its bugs.


@discobot what bugs?

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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@discobot XenForo is better than you! What do you have to say?


@tlammert : I have noticed that @Calypso has visited the forum recently. Maybe she could reply to your proposal.

Hey @tlammert . I asked about this and we don’t plan to change anything regarding how the forum works. All the content stays, but it also means that no new sections will be added. I understand that all the new topics about an entirely different game can make orientation on the forum a bit confusing - let’s try to at least contain them in the Adventure Game category.


@tlammert : maybe we could just develop the habit of adding a label like "RtMI - " at the beginning of every topic title related to the game?

At least they would be more easily recognizable at a glance.


@Calypso: And it wouldn’t be possible to add a sub-section to the “Adventure/Lucasfilm” category?


Not at the moment, sorry.

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@Someone : maybe something is cooking under the hood.

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That’s what I hope. It would make me a little bit sad if Ron would forget his weirdest bunch of fans (and supporter during the TWP development).

Terrible Toybox has created a Discord server.

You can find there both a Thimbleweed Park section and a Return to Monkey Island section; plus other stuff:


Meh. No replacement for a forum like this one. I hope they come up with something else as well.


I joined but I don’t know why. For something like this Discord is horrible. A Forum is the very best solution. Open a new topic for your topic and have fun. As soon as somebody has time there will be an answer.
Discord has fixed “rooms” and everything has to happen in them. And they are all just a live chat. impossible to follow if there is more traffic and if you look only every few days in it.


I don’t think that they want to substitute this forum with a chat. I only know that they are using that Discord server for both social interactions and bug reports on RtMI, just like they used this forum for TWP.

Also, Devolver Digital is already on Discord and simply adding a Discord server for RtMI probably made sense. The moderators of the RtMI server are mainly from Devolver Digital.