Beta Testers For Return to Monkey Island

@RonGilbert pleaaaasee?

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I think there had been beta testers already and the game will be launched this year. BUt do correct me if I’m wrong though


I just want a forum.

RON GIVE US A FORUM! We need a new home!


I’m sure for PC it’s already filled but maybe for future ports or for the last phase. One can only hope…

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Yeah… maybe for the android port (if it happens)

Oh no please not, we already have a wonderfull home that is filled with joy. Maybe our home just needs a little renovation. :smiley:

Something like a rename, new banner and new subforums. Terrible Toybox Forum for example.


Agree! :+1:


It makes sense. Whatever it is, we need new life here :smiley:


OR maybe change this forum to Terrible Toybox, instead, so we can keep all the other beautiful conversations we’ve had (so we don’t need to jump from one forum to another) But that’s just me.


@TaarakVakil @asterothe oh yeah omg you guys are right. Well, then, count me in! I would like to test it on a Macbook and an iPad, maybe, as I have those devices

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And podcasts. We need more weekly standup meeting podcasts. I am OK if they are released on 22 (compact) discs as a bonus in the boxed edition.


I was thinking abut that too!!! In fact any extra information would make us happy.

There is some extra information on Twitter, about who is involved (almost everyone - a big conspiracy!)


We could move it to SCUMM.NET if Ron wants to use that domain (I own it)?

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If you use it to highlight SCUMM games be sure to mention Moonbase Commander. I just found out this old favorite of mine runs on SCUMM.

Best game no one played, alright.
Never evenheard of it.

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This. :point_up_2:

They’d be beta testers throughout the entire development. You don’t just finish the game and then test it, you test every part of it as you build it. The job would not be as glamorous as @asterothe thinks!

Yeah it’ll need a bit of re-organisation and re-branding if it’s to serve as an all-purpose Terrible Toybox forum. Remember back when Thimbleweed Park was released Ron used the forums to provide support and for people to report bugs etc.


Yes, no need to move anywhere. Just make this site ‘bigger’ to accommodate Return to Monkey Island (and the many more adventure games coming after :smiley: )