Ron's Terrible Toybox website has changed

The design of the website has changed.

Fonts are different and now there is their logo.

Maybe they wanted a facelift before Devolver Digital’s summer games showcase?

New design:

It’s the same design used in the Return to Monkey Island teaser video:

This was the old website design:


Interestingly, there is no link to the RtMI teaser site, only a link to the TWP site. :thinking:

I imagine that they have a lot of things to do right now, so paying attention to marketing and communication isn’t currently at the top of their priorities.

There are a few interesting changes in two Terrible Toybox places:

  1. Their official website has finally added a link to the Return to Monkey Island website. Yay!
  2. They renamed the TWP Twitter profile name from @thimbleweedpark to @terribletoybox. As a consequence, the old TWP profile is now empty and the contents have migrated to the new company profile.

Good moves, especially the second one, because having a company profile (and not just a product profile) on Twitter is important to connect with players and to help people understanding who you are.

I hope they’ll do the same with this forum, it would make a lot of sense and minimize some confusion now that they have developed more than one game.


So, next step should be, rename of the forum :smiley:

wink @RonGilbert


I thought that too. But then you have to restructure the whole forum. And I’m not sure if Devovler would like to create their own forum…

yeah but sitll, it`s a Terrible Toybox game :smiley:

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If I was a developer, I wouldn’t build a community for my games on a property owned by others. Publishers can change.

It’s more likely that the owner of the RtMI IP will never change, though. :stuck_out_tongue: But I think that it’s not probable that Disney has some sort of exclusive in creating a discussion board about RtMI.

In my opinion, the cleaner solution would be to move this forum under the terribletoybox domain and create a section for each developed game, if compatible with all the agreements.


Hm? @thimbleweedpark@terribletoybox logically entails

Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my previous post. I meant that if I was Ron, I wouldn’t host an “official” RtMI forum on any website/property owned by Devolver Digital.

So, even if Devolver would create their own forum, as mentioned by Someone, that wouldn’t change anything for Ron.

House cleaning activities for the two Twitter profiles.

Correct information and RtMI-vibe for the new one:

… and the old one is no more empty. They have published two ad-hoc tweets that, unexpectedly to me, even promote the forum! :astonished:


We need to tidy this place up and prepare the guest room, in case we have visitors


Yes, we should de-offtopic every discussion, it wouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

That Twitter profile has six followers, though. I don’t expect an horde of huns invading this place any time soon. The forum stats are comfortingly flat like my encephalogram.