Delores Article Translation Reference Sheet

I ran through the newly added articles and created a reference sheet for quicker translation, since it’s a bunch of “a” without direct reference.

@Rodrigo this might interest you.

For other translators: keep in mind that these articles are used when Delores says “It’s a photo of”. So for languages like German the article must be put in the correct case according to how you translated the base sentence.


@Sushi Want to do some Dutch?

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This was very useful, thanks!
But I don’t understand why not directly update the text column in the original english file for that (since the text column is not displayed anyways and it’s just there for us to know what we are translating).

Like, instead of

id text en loc
12368 a a Nickel.dinky
12369 a a Nickel.dinky
12370 a a Nickel.dinky
12371 a a Nickel.dinky

it should be something like

id text en loc
12368 a ((sign)) a Nickel.dinky
12369 a ((printing press)) a Nickel.dinky
12370 a ((map)) a Nickel.dinky
12371 a ((file cabinet)) a Nickel.dinky

And just tell the translators in the documentation that whatever is between double parentheses (or any other convention) it’s not to be translated or added in the translation column, it’s just there for reference. Final version for portuguese would be much easier, I would know the article I should use without the need of a cheatsheet.

id text en loc
12368 a ((sign)) a Nickel.dinky
12369 a ((printing press)) a Nickel.dinky
12370 a ((map)) o Nickel.dinky
12371 a ((file cabinet)) o Nickel.dinky

I also suggested to add the word in the “en” column (since it’s never displayed) but the main problem is that if new text is to be extracted, the .tsv will be overwritten.

Moreover, having just “sign” as a reference isn’t enough. Sign in Italian can be translated in two ways depending on the context. The city sign, for example, is a “cartello” (masculine), but a shop sign is an “insegna” (feminine). So, having “a sign” without indication of which sign it is, doesn’t help. That’s why I added, in my reference sheet, not only the word it refers to but the text code it refers to. So you can see how you translated that “sign” and react accordingly.

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Sure! Luckily “een” fits all three genders.

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I got confused because the translation_comands.html in the HelpDocsHtml says

When working on a translation in the .tsv file, resist the urge to fix typos in the English (or native) text. These changes should be made in the source (.dinky file) and then a new/updated extraction should be done. This is because the English text comes from Translations_en.tsv and not the 2nd column of (for example) Translations_de.tsv, the player will never see the edits.
:warning:The 2nd column is for reference only.

The 2nd column of the Translations_en.tsv is the “text” column and not the “en” column, the first column being the “id”. I should have noticed that it was the 2nd column in reference to both of them alone and not in reference to the file in itself.

I’ll correct my file and maybe drop that hint in the translation_comands.html so that others like me don’t translate the wrong column.

Yes, than the correct way to do it directly in the Translations_en.tsv should be something like

id text en loc
12368 a a ((11121:sign)) Nickel.dinky
12369 a a ((11122:printing press)) Nickel.dinky
12370 a a ((11123:map)) Nickel.dinky
12371 a a ((11126:file cabinet)) Nickel.dinky

Any platform preference? Or just Google Docs like everybody else here seems to be using?

Google docs is fine for me.
I honestly still need to get all files from git. Just when I have like zero spare time (hardly any even to read the forums), does Ron decide to release the source code and tools!
Feeling already late to the party, atm.

I also wonder if this would allow to translate TWP in the end (yes, I know about the ongoing Italian and German translations, but those were more focused on the voice acting, instead of the text/subtitles)

Thanks to everyone for working through this issue. When we first started working on Delores there was no plan on doing translations or even releasing the source. All that was done in the last 2 weeks. I apologize for the transitions not being set up correctly.