Delores watching us, by Samuel Fonseca

Illustrator Samuel Fonseca drew the following picture of Delores, who seems to watch us. :slight_smile:



That pencil lying next to it is so meta!

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Yes. It seems that the author was inspired by the ending of the game. 2D characters emerging in a 3D world (a là Flatland) is a powerful image.

Reminds me of this:


I was about to post it, the similarities are remarkable.

Is A-ha well-known in the USA?

That´s the ultimate meta music video! I love that style. The Brothers In Arms video also looks like that, as well as the intro of that one Video Episode of the animated series Dino Riders that I used to have.

“I don´t know!” but I would guess this was a big hit there as well as “The Sun Always Shines On TV” and they also did a Bond Theme song(The Living Daylights).

Ida Know

This video and song were huge in the 80s in the US.


I´m pretty sure I´ve seen more than a few movies and/or TV episodes where it was playing in flashback to a prom dance to illustrate that it takes place in the mid 80s. Don´t You Forget About Me is another popular choice because of it´s obvious connection to High Schools.

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Very much so. That video was famous when it came out in the 80s. I remember everyone talking about it at school, and it was in constant rotation in MTV.

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Yes, the video was and is amazing. Still one of my favorites.

The question should be, is A-Ha famous anywhere for something else than Take on me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably the same level of fame gained for Limhal’s “Neverending Story”.
Except for that song, I’ve never heard other songs from him.

He he. :slight_smile: Well, at least in Germany they had several other famous songs. But indeed: Take on me was the most popular.

Regarding the video: It would be interesting to see a game in that visual style. (It would perfectly fit to a story like the one in TWP - imagine Delores is walking out of the game …)

In Germany “Too Shy” was a hit too.

Hehehe… did he do anything else? :laughing:

Oh yes! The Sun Always Shines On TV

I´m sure you know that. It was Number 1 in the UK, Top 10 in over 10 countries (including switzerland) and Top 20 in the US.

They also did the title song for The Living Daylights which might not be so familiar, because it was a Dalton Bond.

Fun fact, in germany of all places that song is not really associated with The Neverending Story because it wasn´t used in the ending credits, here.