Epic music videos of the 90s

Maybe it’s the nostalgia effect, but I find that the videoclips made in the 90s were made better than the ones we can watch nowadays.

Do you think I’m wrong? Prove it.

Here’s my short list of the best videos from the 90s. I can say, they are “iconic”, when you watch a few frames you immediately know what it is.



How about this one?


Never seen! Lovely!

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I love the song Build a Bitch. Rare modern pop song I really like. I’d never seen the video before so thanks for that.

Regarding the videos in the 80s and 90s being better and iconic, it’s possibly true but I’ve often chalked it up to their cultural imprint being bigger because the way we consumed media was different. We only had so many channels, no / limited web video, and all of that. Back then if you watched music video stations you’d see them all and they were part of the zeitgeist. If I put on ‘90’s radio’ I can see all of the damn videos in my head.

Today, even a great video is barely visible. It could have 500 million view on YouTube, but a lot of those are people who saw the video for ten seconds. Or if they actually “watched” it, it was background while they scrolled Twitter, or they watched it once because they aren’t at the mercy of what MTV happens to play, or they just streamed it as a way to listen to the song. It’s just so different.

If we’re limiting to the 90s, a video I go back to a lot is Linger by the Cranberries

I probably watch the video for Dreams more because that’s an all time favorite song, but as a video Linger is probably better. It’s based on the film Alphaville.


I thought the video for Godzilla by Eminem was also pretty decent.

Stromae has some interesting vids as well.

And since @ZakPhoenixMcKracken is an Italian, I like this one too.

I hardly know any modern music videos, since I hardly know modern music. But then I guess, back then you had to have a good video to feature on MTV and the likes. Youtube isn’t so picky :slight_smile:.

Anyway, I always found those videos memorable that had a bit of a story. Sometimes that made a song that was just okay actually great.

I could paste plenty more. Learn to Fly, Whiskey in the Jar, Take a look around, Buddy Holly, etc. that are (hopefully) from that same era. But then there are some more modern ones that do that too, and to me they are just as memorable

Okay, none of those is from the last 5 years or so, and from the top of my head I couldn’t name one that is, but as said above, I’m a bit out of the loop these days.

Wikipedia has a list of the most expensive music videos. Most of these videos were produced between 1990 and 2010/2011. (*)

(*) Expensive videos have a very good quality IMHO, there are only a few exceptions. But of course, not all good videos have to be expensive.

I’m surprised Limp Bizkit’s Rollin’ video was so expensive. If you look at Blackpink for example you have something much more visually and choreographically impressive and that “only” costs a tenth to make. (I.e., two to three hundred thousand vs two to three million, and that’s not even adjusted for inflation.)

Edit: incidentally, I really like the Speed Demon video. Surprisingly, it’s not on the list!


Nowadays I wouldn’t really know if a song has a video (or if it’s been released as a single even) as I mostly just find and listen to things on Spotify.
Also now if I do see a music video, I might watch it once or twice at most, while back in the MTV days, you’d often see the same videos lots of times.

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Many more songs have videos these days thanks to lyric visualizers. They’re quite nice.


Same here. Even if we still have MTV and several other music channels here in Germany.

I don’t have Spotify, so I “listen” to music on YouTube from time to time. But those are videos that I already know and rarely videos that are new to me.

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This is eighties, not nineties. I put the video on the other month because I love the song and it’s always kind of lifted my spirits. So then I was just sitting there watching the video and I started to cry uncontrollably :weary:

Your Wildest Dreams by The Moody Blues

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Sto male… :smiley:

Also a fine one:


Always loved the cute video to this jaunty little upbeat number by Tool -

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This Shaka Ponk song/video is on point.

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