I think you should point out for international visitors that 1 is good and 6 is bad in German schools. :wink:

Then again, maybe Americans with their A-F (which is literally 1-6) find it very intuitive.

Incidentally, Tweakers gave it a 9,5.

And Power Unlimited a 97.

I’d also throw in the odd 11 out of 10. Just to mess with the system. And because, you know… these go up to eleven

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Because certain things can impact the enjoyment of the game. Like if there are gameplay bugs it detracts from the enjoyment, but the game can still be well worth playing. It’s not fair to a game like Thimbleweed Park that has a smooth experience from start to finish to give games with obvious flaws an equal footing.

Also, and I want to stress this, I would ideally not simply be putting up my opinion. I would recruit people, let someone else review the game, compare it to my own notes, and publish an edited review. And I don’t mean that I would just edit it, I would provide feedback on the submitted review to be re-written by the reviewer (and do nothing more than a bit of ghost writing).

If anyone’s interested in contributing once I set things up BTW I’m playing my way through Escape From Monkey Island now. It’s an excellent candidate to use as a reference point (I guess we can just use Thimbleweed Park as another reference point). So anyone interested should get themselves a copy of EFMI play it and send me their thoughts on the game - what is good what is bad etc. Or post it directly in this thread but as long as you format it as a review (you can do a short one long one I don’t care so long as you cover what is good and what is bad and summarise what the overall gameplay experience is like). I think I’ve only ever played EFMI through once before, and yeah it’s… interesting and definitely a valuable reference point.

Rating Thimbleweed Park by a …

5 rating system is the easy peasy way of doing things, where it’s a 5.
5 = great
4 = good
3 = average
2 = not so good
1 = awful

10 rating system results into a 9, because you know it’s just not a 10. So, there is more information included in this rating. The drawbacks exist with scores below average because no one really cares about those.

7 rating system is still sharp and you can get rid of the boring scores, with TWP being a 6. The 7 is something like the new 10, it’s only for those games which feel almost perfect to you. If you want to get rid of this seldom used category, you can go with 6 rating as well or you better kill one of the awful categories.

7 dream
6 special
5 very good
4 good
3 lukewarm
2 nah
1 awful


But that does describe TWP? :wink:

Yeah I don’t care if you rate TWP 0/5 or 5/5 but you do need to explain clearly why your rating is so and what were the positive points of the game and the negative points.

In context with a review it does, and it’s a wonderful filter. Without any ratings things have a tendency to feel arbitrary.

I think a rating is a nice quick gauge of how much a reviewer enjoyed a game, but I fail to understand what you’re getting at.

Read the first part of my previous posting?

My point is you gave no point of reference at all to say TWP is 5/5 or 9/10 or 6/7. You just said that is the case. Why? Where does it lose a point in those other scales? Why does it deserve the 9 points out of 10? Without clear explanation that kind of rating will feel arbitrary and people wouldn’t know whether to trust your judgement.

How is supposed to illustrate a supposed reduction in arbitrariness? On the contrary, it exemplifies the arbitrary!

Btw, here’s a website I like:

I think I made my points clear with my postings above already.

Such as? In which specific post do you defend your claim?

I have made a custom build of ScummVM that bypasses the copy protection on Indy3 and Monkey1 EGA. You can download it here. If anyone wants to build binaries for other systems please do I’ll be happy to host them on that page (although if you change the source code remember you must supply it as well).

Scoring system; L, E, M, C, B, A, I.
That’s quite clear, right :smiley:

  • L = laudatur = “praised”
  • E = eximia cum laude approbatur = “approved with excellent praise”
  • M = magna cum laude approbatur = “approved with great praise”
  • C = cum laude approbatur = “approved with praise”
  • B = lubenter approbatur = “willingly approved”
  • A = approbatur = “approved”
  • I = improbatur = “rejected”
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Sounds like you want to revive an old church, where most of the people did not understand what the man in front of them was saying during the latin mass.

How about?

:flying_saucer: dream
:rocket: special
:small_airplane: good
:oncoming_automobile: neat
:tractor: lukewarm
:ambulance: broken
:oncoming_police_car: criminal

[The Mac-icons are better than those on the forum.]

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