Do you regularly participate in other adventure game forums, groups, chats?

I was wondering if other people here regularly participate in other discussion boards and, more importantly, what do you think of them in terms of quality of discussions.

I know the Adventure Gamers forum since… ages… but I never liked it very much, because of some regular and unpleasant attitudes.

What about you?


I’m writing in another forum, but that’s not adventure related. So my experiences are limited. :slight_smile:

I’ve read a lot of other threads in other adventure game forums (and Twitter) without participating. And they were all polite. I really can’t remember a negative example at the moment. :thinking:

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Which ones?

Really? That surprises me, because I saw some nasty comments about Ron and Rex. Even on

The German Adventure Treff, the German Adventure Corner and the forums on Steam and Gog for example.

I have to admit that I haven’t read much in last few month (except this forum). Especially I haven’t followed the discussions about RtMI. But I have of course read some of the nasty comments on Grumpygamer.

To me it seemed that the worst comments were made on Facebook, Twitter and on Ron’s blog. But note that these are my own (limited) observations.


Nope, only this one.


I lurk a lot in discord servers. I was a bit more active in the AGS forums when I developed under AGS, but now I left it for Unity so also that forum hasn’t seen me in a while.

I’m in a couple of AG related facebook groups but that’s mostly to link my games when I have a new one. Which will happen again in 7 days if everything goes according to plan, but I’ll tell you all in the appropriate topic.


I used to frequent the Daedalic forums before they were taken down, and those of inXile and Larian (which are still around, but of little interest right now).

I guess for the most part there were some really good and insightful discussions, but not a lot besides talk about the games. Though I did get some good book recommendations in inXile’s Tides of Numenera forum (mostly from the Dying Earth subgenre, obviously).

Overall, never felt as much at home as here, however.


I’m technically in an adventure game speedrunning Discord, but this is the only dedicated forum I visit regularly.


I’m on Discord/Facebook in some retro and emulation groups and for the A500Mini. But this is the only Adventure related community I participate. Except several Facebook groups but I only read there.

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Hmm… I had a look and they seem quite lively, maybe even more that the AdventureGamers forum. It’s nice to observe vibrant communities in this niche.

Nice. At which pace they write in the chat? :thinking:

Before I got acquainted with this forum, I used to spend some time in r/adventuregames on reddit, but it’s much better here and I like it more than any other forum. (other than that, I was never looking for an adventure game community or forum, and I didn’t know many people like myself before.)

Dunno, I don’t really look at it much. Discord has this sneaky invention where if you leave it’s “forever” unless you have an invite back in. I think TWP speedrunning isn’t hugely popular.