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LFG Adventure game quiz


Unfortunately, it’s for the German-speaking audience only:

Beat this (okay, I was pretty bad, so you’ve got the best chances)


If there are many questions about post 1993 games I´d probably suck myself…I mean I wouldn´t stand a chance…man that reads weird.


NSFW, but you asked for it: And here I thought only dogs could manage that feat :blush:.


Okay, here is my result.


Luckily there actually weren´t any questions at all about Full Throttle, Monkey Island 3 and 4 and not even about the Dig. But those I got wrong I really should have known better. :woozy_face:


110 Punkte!


What are the points given between parenthesis? (40 Punkte for me).


In German they use ø for “average”, so they must be saying you got 40 points more than average.

I’ll probably check out the quiz itself shortly.

Edit: or rather, the average is 40.

(Too many questions about Last Crusade.)


I got question 7 wrong, and I had to guess the one about Sam &Max (but got that one right, heh heh). And the one about Loom was hard as I didn’t understand any word except Loom. Still managed to reverse engineer based on the answers what the question was.


Seems we are raising the average then (with 2 points so far)


I know some German, but don’t really speak it. This is my result:


I don’t know German at all except for a few words I had to speak for the dubbing project.
This is my result.
The questions on Zak McKracken and Maniac Mansion have been all answered correctly :grin:


80, without knowing german. I tried to use google translate, but it has some issues with the quiz. I bet I could get right some of the 4-5 questions I didn’t undestand.


Even without understanding anything, you still managed better than 85% of the Germans that tried :slight_smile:. Morons, all of them! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It´s funny that I keep forgetting that the title theme of Loom is ANOTHER part of the Willhelm Tell Overture.

Because when I think of the Willhelm Tell Overture I think of


You know what I mean.


I didn’t remember what the opening theme of Loom sounded like period. Been a while. :wink:


Just an example… in the question about Cobb… I wondered: is the right answer the game he advertises, or the game in which he is featured?
Obviously I got the wrong 50%.


I know what you mean. I think of both Clockwork Orange and Good bye Lenin. And it happens also for the Also sprach Zarathustra theme (2001/Lenin) or the chopper Statue scene (Fellini’s Dolce Vita/Lenin), or the IV infusion scene (Trauffaut’s man who loved women/Lenin)
Wow, that Lenin movie featured many brilliant quotes.


It´s been many years since I´ve seen it, I don´t remember Goodbye Lenin having this many movie quotes in it.


I’ve just checked Wikipedia: it seems I was the only one to get the Truffaut quote. The three other are universally recognized, though. Anyway the Italian wiki page has 3-4 other quotes. If you’ll watch it again, you could try to guess as much quotes as you can.


While I´ve seen many Truffaut films, I´m not sure I´ve seen this particular one.


it is not ?