Xbox One version: bug/crash found

Hi, i’m newish to forums so appologies if posted in wrong place.
I’m getting a repeated game crash with error message at exactly the same point in the game on Xbox One.

Error message is:
Helpers.bnut:2321: the index ‘nextGreetingTime’ does not exist.

It happens everytime at the hotel lobby when all characters are present (except Franklin) prior to collecting the Thimblecon tickets from the desk.
As soon as you bring a character to the hotel to meet the others and try and switch characters the error triggers.
I’m assuming it’s triggering a character interaction that’s problematic? (guessing!)
The error message appears and the game crashes to a black screen once you acknowledge the error popup. Game requires force-quitting.
Version is: ( : 1393.920

I can’t progress as a result.

Hi Drew,

while you wait for a reply from a developer, I’ve moved this thread to the “Support” category.


Much appreciated.
Sorry i put it in the wrong area lol.
This is why i’m not on many forums haha.
I’m so glad this game exists! Love it.
These games were my life back in the day!

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A lot of people here can relate to this sentiment. :smiley:

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You should write an email to (the official support address).

This bug has been fixed in the next rev on the xbox. It happens if two characters start to greet each other and just as that is happening, you switch to Franklin. To get past it, just move the other players farther apart, or to different rooms before switching to Franklin.


@RonGilbert Thanks Ron. I’m assuming i’ve triggered it by the ease of using the Xbox controllers triggers to rapidly cycle through characters. (i’d gathered them together to share tickets out to Thimblecon)
I tried experimenting to try and help narrow the issue down in a bid to be helpful lol but it seems you were already aware lol. I found a way round it so am contently playing away again.
It’s great to hear from you. I will seize this opportunity to say a massive fanboy “hello” and “thankyou” as you hold legendary status in my nostalgia.
I’ve never enjoyed games as much as i have visiting and re-visiting your previous works.
You made my childhood and this game has had me erupting in reminiscent joy.
United Kingdom.

(tempted to bug you for an autograph but that might border on being excessivelly cringey and unnerving lol)
Take care and keep at it!