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Bug Report (Switch)


I recently found a bug on the Switch version of Thimbleweed Park.
If, let’s say, :delores: joins Thimblecon and asks Sexy Riker about eating another hamburger, he leaves immediately. If :delores: then follows him, you can see how Sexy Riker uses the elevator.
Then switch from :delores: to :franklin: who is in Sexy Riker’s room. Immediately zap the telephone (you have to be very fast and do it before Sexy Riker leaves the elevator again) and call the Safely First Bank.
During the telephone call the Error Code: 2–0001 appears:

HotelHelpers.bnut:3080:the index
’hotelRoomAPhone’ does not exist

After choosing ‘Close’ or ‘Ok’ (when choosing ‘Details’) the game crashes.

I have to admit that 99% of Switch users will never see this bug, because they’re either using HintTron or they know that :franklin: is able to open the door to Sexy Riker’s room by zapping it. I didn’t know that and tried almost everything to open that door (before using the marvelous HintTron for the first time, that is). :joy:

Don’t know if that bug needs to be fixed, but I wanted to submit it anyway.

And send a big “Thank You” to Ron & his team for creating such a masterpiece and for supporting Nintendo Switch! Game Of The Year Award! :trophy:


I liked your clever usage of emoticons.


ILowLevel! Welcome back! Nice to see you again. This morning I was asking myself if you leaved since you were fed up with our entropy and our OTs… so I decided to celebrate your return annoying you with a big OT here. Since you like smart emoticon use, here is for you the plot of “The Blues Brothers”:


Mmmh, I don´t see any nazis, there? :thinking:

Hey, thanks for the report (and + points for originality)!

This is a known issue that occurs not only on Switch, but other platforms too. It proved to be more difficult to fix than originally expected and the bug is not easily triggered during regular gameplay (the conditions are pretty unique), so it remains in the game for now. But several people were able to discover it anyway :slight_smile:

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Is there a bug bounty program? Or do we get an achievement if we discover such (difficult to discover) bugs? :slight_smile:

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You get a long slow :clap:


Ok, enough incentive for me - but only if you will wear one of those fine leather cord jackets while clapping…

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