Did you get depressed after finishing TWP?

As I backer, I followed the development of the game for more than 2 years, each blog post, each comment section, each podcast. Then the game came out…and it was amazing! I loved playing it, getting stuck, moving forward…and then completing the game. At that point I felt it was over, those two plus years of trepidation gone in around 20 hours of intense game playing. A sudden (gaming) depression pervaded me. Having some parts of the story not fully understood helps a little, but I feel like we now got most of it explained. So the (gaming) depression it’s what left, no more awesome point and click adventure to look forward to :frowning:


It’s called fame (read it in italian) of games!

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I really enjoyed Thimbleweed Park and now I’m enjoying my participation in this community but I have never been emotionally attached to the game or to its creation process to he point of feeling a loss after I finished playing it.

Thimbleweed Park wasn’t “love at first sight” for me, for more than one reason.

I often launch the game to read some book in the Edmund Mansion mansion library or to check whether an hypothesis might be correct. In a way, the kind of game that interests me the most has not really finished, yet.

@Stefano I really understand what you’re talking about. I wasn’t so much depressed, I was happy that I could be part of this long road. And I was happy, that it actually was not only a good game, but a superb spitzentollesmega game. And I played the first time on Casual, so there was another run waiting for me.
@LowLevel I can feel what you mean. I want to be at this point too. My “coming back” is this forum now, as I can see many people, who love the game as much as I do.

Not depressed, but I felt as if some important mark had passed… I’ve really followed closely the development these last 2 years and feel quite attached to the project.

It’s like finishing uni or leaving a job… Good memories, something to remember, and friends made on the way.


I did not. Rather, I felt invigorated and rejuvenated.

I felt totally depressed. Sense of emptiness.

I can understand why some felt this way. For me, I didn’t even know about this game until about 10 minutes before purchasing it. My whole outlook is totally different then as it was one of surprise and not anticipation. Now I’m just ready for more, so I’m playing a lot more PnC adventures again.

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Don’t be so depressed…
Remember, there is one who is even more depressed than you!


Well, it felt like a loss somehow - I spent two years and a half waiting for the game, a month playing it, I discussed about it with people on the blog and so on, once the game was out and I finished it, and the blog was “dying out”, it felt strange.

I’m SO happy we have this forum now. Not only it shows how important was TWP for us, but how the game wouldn’t have been the same without the blog experience. Since the game was (also) meant to bring back a bit of nostalgia, for me it did so also in making me feel part of a community, with virtual friends who don’t know each other in real life but discuss about the same passion. And this is something I haven’t felt since a long time, mostly since now everything is done with real-world names and such.


I got that feeling a couple days after finishing the game. I went back and started playing Indiana Jones- Lost City of Atlantis just to fill the void. But looking at an actual retro game just made me realize how great the artwork in TWP is. They did such a good job retaining the retro style but it feels so much more alive with the shading and paralax layers.

I have to say this forum and the blog has really made the experience of playing TWP so much richer, and the fact that Ron has made himself so accessible on the forum. Getting responses from someone of his caliber seems rare and amazing to me. It would have been impossible in 1987!


Yes that is really amazing. Such a great gaming experience from beginning to the end!

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Yeah, must admit I feel a bit depressed and empty. I want to stay in the Thimbleweed World for longer.
But that’s only testament to how great the game is.

I finished in about 17 hours, and wish it had taken me 50. Shouldn’t have dialed HINT so much.
It took me months and months to complete Zak McKraken, but I was young and did not know many of the English words in the game.

If Ron makes another game with this interface, pixel graphics or not, I will back it for sure.

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I agree that you shouldn’t have dialled hint so much. :wink:

On the plus side, do you perhaps feel inspired now to hunt down more adventures? Are you on Steam? There’s a sale ongoing which ends in a day or two, and you could take advantage!

Already did. Got Monkey island 1+2, plus a couple others. :slight_smile:

If you want really good stories, pick up The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav and Memoria, which are currently super duper cheap in the sale.

Same to me, it took me 3 months to finish Zak McKracken and I was 14, I learnt many English words thanks to him. The very first Lucasfilm game that I finished by myself, without any help.