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Do you want a Thimbleweed Park 2?


It seems that we haven’t discussed this, so it’s time to start a poll:

Do you want Thimbleweed Park 2?

Please note: This question is about a sequel of TWP. I haven’t asked “do you want more adventure games from Ron” or “do you like Thimbleweed Park”.

I start with: No - because the the story is told and I would like to play a new adventure game from Ron. :slight_smile:

  • Yes!
  • No.

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I voted no for the same reason of yours.


So who voted “yes”? I’d like to read their motivations…


I did. Bcoz I want to see how the story will continue…


I haven’t voted. Although I felt really immersed in the world and engaged with the main characters, I think it could be hard to justify a second game after the ending.

Having them forget everything that happened would almost make the ending of the first game meaningless, as they wanted to break the cycle of having no choice. But if the ultimate outcome was that they cease to exist, what did they really achieve?

What if one of them found a way to take control over the second game and its outcomes, while still existing as a character? They might have good intentions, but one oversight is all it takes to mess up someone’s story arc. Or they might just like messing around, and then the other characters could end up in all kinds of crazy situations. Depends who gets there first…

…ok, I changed my mind - I vote yes.


I don’t actively want a TWP2 in the sense that I would also prefer a new, unrelated game (barring Easter eggs).

(Obviously if one got made I wouldn’t be like, feck it, I ain’t playing that.)

So I guess for this poll that makes me a ‘no’.


Twas a total no-:brain:er for me!


Hm… I’m still not convinced. :wink: This sounds more like the boring “oh, the curse wasn’t strong enough, so LeChuck is here again. Surprise! Surprise!”.

But indeed the characters are very interesting, especially Ransome. What I can imagine would be a spin-of, for example a game that shows us where Ransome comes from and what happened first (a prequel … :slight_smile: ).


That would definitely be my preference. I still think Doug has the potential for a thriller-powered, seedy backstory. You don’t end up maniacally shoveling for no reason.


I did!!!

Partially because I just want any new game from Terrible Toybox. :man_shrugging:

But there is a lot of potential with the other characters. I feel like Chet & Bret’s story didn’t get fully explored. They are uncovering a conspiracy and have to battle the evil robots, including Rikki.
Or maybe TWP2 switches perspective and you play as Chuck, having to outsmart those pesky kids meddling in your business…

::Holds breath::


I voted no. The problem with TWP is the ending. It forbids not only sequels, but also any spin-off whatsoever, if you want related games to be consistent with the universe and the story of the first game.

The only possible game is about Agent Ray’s new life after her upload.

…wait, now I want to change my vote.


Admittedly, there have been some interesting suggestions for a sequel (or a prequel, or a spin-off) above. Nonetheless, I voted no, because I think it’s a story that can get continued only if the developers have an excellent idea for the story. Hence, I’d actually be open-minded about a sequel, but TWP is not a game which screams out for a sequel - in contrast to Monkey Island.

By the way, I think that the boom-box boy from the hotel lobby could also be an interesting character for a spin-off. But, it would still need an interesting story.


Could not have said it better.

The thing with sequels, prequels, spin-offs and the like is that they are rarely better than the original … unless the original has been designed with the intention of expanding on it later on. And even in that case, the result can be questionable.


This is a tough one! Let me preface by stating the obvious: I would take any adventure game from TT :slight_smile:

I want to answer NO to you question because I feel that the TWP story (the ending) doesn’t help to build a prequel, sequel and/or spin-off.

I want to say YES because I really like the idea of adventure games living in the same universe (In a way TWP and Maniac Mansion are very loosely connected)…

In the end I voted for YES after changing my mind several times.


I voted with yes. Though the story has been finished and I wouldn’t want to play as the same protagonists I’d love to explore the universe a bit more + the soundtrack was so good that more of the same would be great too.


Well, there is! He went to study communications and got a job in San Francisco ten years later, working as a reporter for a sleazy tabloid. One day, his boss sends him on an assignment to report about campers being attacked by a two-headed squirrel near Mt. Rainier, which also happens to be close to the site of one of the first UFO sightings 50 years ago…
and that’s just the start…

But them again, what are the odds of ever seeing such a spin-off?


I partly agree. Such things are usually done just to take advantage of an established franchise, so you get a plot that’s not intended to be expanded + the lack of interest in doing something of relevance because just the number 2 in the end of the title will be enough for it to sell.

But if you could release some universes to the public domain, I’m sure we could have a lot of interesting and novel stuff.

Think of Harry Potter. We have this new play… about Potter’s son and all other usual characters. I mean, why should the Harry Potter universe focus on Harry Potter? We learn there are schools of magic all over the world in I can’t remember which chapter, why should the whole world revolve around England? Can’t Latvia have its own bad guy, can’t Nicaragua its own outstanding magic kid?

Don’t you think there might be interesting stories to be told about all the pirates we never met in Monkey Island? Maybe someone from the time when LeChuck was still alive and terrorizing the whole Caribbeans?


That’s exactly the line of thinking of most movie “franchises” these days. The fact it’s called a “franchise” already makes it clear the only purpose is to milk the cow as long as possible.
But we don’t want only cows. We like cows,of course, but we also want horses. And tigers. And dinosaurs! And unicorns. Or anything fresh and creative! Except Care Bears.


Now I have that image in my head where Wally has become the new evil overlord, after finally realizing how mean Guybrush has actually been to him.


Yeah, basically like the villain from The Incredibles (forgot this name) to whom he´s got an uncanny resemblance.