DirectX requirements

I just get an error message when launching DeloresDev that my graphics card doesn’t support some DX12 feature(s) to run the game. No details provided. I must buy a new graphics card apperently. :frowning:


The same would be true if you had the game from a store. We require dx12 (and windows 10). Verify that you get the problem with any store version and then contract support.

But do I have Windows 10 (latest version) and DX12 installed. At this point, I will not install Steam or Epic games software.


what is the model of your graphics card?

If you run dxdiag.exe, does the tool say “Direct3D DDI: 12” when you go to the Display tab and look into the Drivers section?

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This is how the DirectX error message looks like you probably got:
TWP Delores - DirectX features not supported

Yes, try the dxdiag.exe tool. If you post the information from the Display tab we can see which graphics adapter and drivers are installed and it shows the currently available DirectX features.
If you are lucky the drivers may be just outdated.

Unfortunately, NVidia has no updated driver for my graphics card, and you can see (in Danish) that it is hopelessly out of date with the specs.billede

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@normann Should you wish to upgrade to an R9 270X, it could be yours for ~30. (Shockingly high, those shipping costs from Belgium to Denmark. O_o)

Interestingly, a Geforce 210 (which costs ~30 new) is apparently slightly better than your card too. See here. By contrast, the R9 270X is said to be “insanely better”.

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Sadly I’m in a similar boat :rowing_man:
The only (physical) Windows 10 workstations I have (remote) access too don’t have advanced enough graphics adapters, e.g.:

Note: It actually supports DirectX 12 (officially, and it also says Direct3D DDI: 12), but maximum feature level is 11_1 only, I guess at least 12_0 is required/checked.

Oh, I think the R9 270X also only supports DirectX12 feature level 11_1 since it’s from 2013 and technically something like a beefed up HD 7790 iirc. I didn’t realize that was a problem since I played Shadow of the Tomb Raider DirectX12 and a few other DirectX12 things on that card since it resulted in a slight FPS boost even though my CPU & RAM are fine. The HD 7000 series and up supports all the important parts, or that’s how I’ve always understood it.

I don’t really want to open up my PC just to check if Delores would run on the R9 270X though. I suppose your R7 200 series suggests it might not. :frowning:

Edit: the GeForce 210 I mentioned above seems to have feature level 10_1, much worse still.

We support cards down to the feature level 11_0, so if it doesn’t show 12_0 and up there, then no worries. The game should run fine with this card. Generally, for the game to be able to run, the dxdiag tool should say “Direct3D DDI: 12”.

Sadly, Normann’s card only supports DX 9, so that’s bad news :frowning:


Sadly it didn’t work, it specifically shows the same DX12 error I’ve posted above.

Admittedly I may have an unusual setup, e.g. no monitor attached and due to this and required reboot after driver update my maximum resolution is currently 1600x1200.

Uh, that’s strange. Are your Windows 10 on that machine up-to-date (the minimum required version is 1803)? In order to select a discrete GPU, we have to use a fairly new API that isn’t available in older Windows 10 releases. Being on an older version of Windows 10 may then result in some DirectX12-related issues (since OS updates also install functionality updates related to DirectX).