Need help: Discourse tells me that I'm empathetic

I’ve earned the badge “Empathetic”. That means that I’m “a model of generosity and mutual appreciation”. Discourse even gives me :two_hearts:.

How can I stop that? I don’t want to be empathetic. I’m evil. And mean. And weird. I’m a mean evil weirdo. How does it look if I have a badge with two hearts? What should I tell the Minions?

Is it somehow possible to deactivate/turn off this superfluous badge-giving-function in Discourse?



This is the punishment for your wickedness!!

Buahahahahah :skull: :japanese_goblin: :japanese_ogre:

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I´ve got that one too a day or so ago! I think they should rename it circle jerk.

You can’t just undo your likes but you can report all such posts and try getting them deleted…

I think you can.

Try it with an older post.

Oh yeah, it seems there is a temporary failsafe for accidental likes. I wonder how long that period is.

accidental likes” ? :slight_smile: That’s a great reason if you want to split up with your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend: “Honey, I just accidental liked you…”


Which reminds me of that song I wanted to write but never got beyond the title.

“'Oh Baby You´re So Adequate”

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Which music style? (I can imagine Schlager or the Rammstein style.)

“You could be a part-time model (but you’d probably still have to keep your normal job)”


Everly Brothers like. Slow and with a short break.

Oh baby, baby you´re sooooo…adequate.
I think you´re quite alright
You may not be the best
But you are mine

Totally forgot I had more than a title! :grin:

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Maybe we can finish it together. Are there any musicians in the house? :slight_smile:

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Well I am but a little help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Load up the melody somewhere! :slight_smile:

Maybe, I might have had chords for it somewhere…

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Also take a look at the few posts above…see how empathetic you are? :wink:

Well… ehrm… I hope that I can add some satanic phrases (if somebody plays the music backwards…). :ransome:

Let´s not kid ourselves, it´ll be all upfront and forwards for every damned heathen to hear! :japanese_ogre: (still pitying the absence of an actual devil in the smilies!)

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