Nice share badge

I keep getting notifications about earning a ‘nice share’, but I can never work out what it’s related to.

If I tap the notification it takes me to a list of all my ‘nice shares’. When I tap on the most recent, it takes me to one of my posts that doesn’t have a link in it. For example, six hours ago I got it for this one, which just goes to a random post in the dreams thread - I haven’t shared anything in it.

Does this happen to anyone else? Am I just being an idiot and not understanding?

It’s not a problem, I’m just confused :slightly_smiling_face:

This is Discourse. :wink: But yes, I had something similar in the past. I can’t remember if it was “nice share” (AFAIR it was) but it was definitely for an unrelated post. I’m not wondering about such Discourse related things anymore and just ignore them. :slight_smile:


Interesting, ta.

I tried that for a bit but it got the better of me :wink: I’ll resume.

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Ok, I’ve got two “nice share” badges right now with the same problem you described above. And it’s even weirder: I got that badge for posts that I haven’t written! So it’s definitely a problem of Discourse …

Oh, that is weird.

I’ve got four “nice share” badges: The two older ones are correct. I got the other two badges 8 hours ago (does that comply with your badges?). One of those posts is from Nor, the other one is mine but without a link. So it seems that Discobot is drunk again …


Yeah, and I got two as well.

I did wonder if it was to do with cross-linking to other posts, as one of mine has one of those links to another thread underneath. Do yours?

He’s drunk on power, I tell you.


Yes, both have them.

Hm, I reckon it’s somehow related to that then. Maybe people are reading our posts and clicking the cross links.

But the cross-links in my posts were only clicked once (according to the number beside them). And I can’t get a badge for Nor’s post, even if the cross-reference in his post leads to my jogging thread … :slight_smile:

Oh right, good point.

Must just be drunk Discobot then :crazy_face: :beers:


Discobot, do you get drunk, sometimes?

@discobot fortuna

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:crystal_ball: E’ decisamente così

Translation: “It’s definitely so.”

Good boy, you told us the whole truth.


Ciao! Per sapere cosa posso fare, dimmi @discobot mostra la guida.

What’s your poison? Tequila, I bet?

@discobot fortune

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:crystal_ball: Signs point to yes

Oh you did some embarrassing stuff too, huh?

Haha! :smile: He doesn’t even clearly remember what happened… It looks like the boy got drunk for the right amount :stuck_out_tongue:

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That rapscallion!