No more likes possible

It seems that Discourse doesn’t like me anymore. :slight_smile: Has someone a similar error?



Wow, you liked a lot :joy:
No, not even I had an error like that.
You will be able to like again in about 47 years from now…

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Are you able to like a post now? This error occurred this morning for the first time.



We are two likeable persons. :wink:

Maybe @eviltrout can help?

Besides, I have to wait more than you…
I will start to hate everyone! For the Yin/Yang rule, it should return to normality…

The counter seems to raise. Now I have to wait 418321.2624280115 hours. So you have to hate a lot of people very fast. :wink:

I need some help to achieve it…



I would like to like it … :wink:

I would like to like your post where you state that you wished to like my post.

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I can’t like either :frowning: but why can @Mario?

I’ll be 80 years old when I’ll be able to like again. But at that age, I’ll probably be a grumpy old man who hates everything, I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet what kind of old man I’ll be.

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Maybe, the threshold has changed. Who leaves more than 3 likes in a day, will be punished.

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But according to your pic I have two more likes to give. :wink: And the time I have to wait is still increasing (and not decreasing).

It’s more likely that there is a bug in Discourse - just because of the fact that the time is a floating point number with a lot of decimal places.

I don’t believe in bugs.
More likely, there is something odd… the singularity is coming…
We will all die!!! :franklin:

Yeah, I never liked the Operating Systems from Microsoft.

I should even stop to reply, or a new error message could appear…

I can like. But I don´t like too much anyway. I´ve never gotten those badges that are given for giving a high number of likes in a day.


Oh, it seems to be possible again? I can give “likes” too. @ZakPhoenixMcKracken: Are you able to like?

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WOW, time passes fast!!
The Discourse’s A I changed its mind.

I don’t care of badges, i like because i like to like. :+1: