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DIY cocoa can pen holder

This isn’t really fan art since I used the press kit, but it seemed like the right place. :wink: (No Discourse, this isn’t similar to “how many people backed the game” or “why people believe Ron made DOTT”.)

A while back I made a couple of pen holders out of cocoa cans. I still wanted to finish them but I hadn’t decided on what to do with them. Not too long ago the Lidl randomly sold these rolls of paste-on wood grain and I figured it was exactly what I was looking for. Tonight I finally applied it. On the left you see what the cocoa can looks like, on the right the wood grain finished can. Maybe it could be livened up a bit but it looks tight.

Anyway, the reason I’m posting it here is because I randomly decided to stick the TWP art on the second can, instead of also giving it the wood grain finish.

And here’s a picture of trying to hide the crime on the back:

PS 3M Spray Mount is a great product. My can from '05, still about half full because I only use it for small stuff like this, still works almost as well as when it was new.


Wow! Nice work! :smiley:

The drawing of the two agents looks really great on the can - much better than on the cover of the box IMHO.

Haha, courtesy of using a color laser printer I suppose!

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