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Hi Guys,

being a total Merch Junkie, I’ve been trying to collect whatever I can get my hands on.

Most I’ve bought on the Fangamer site for those of you who are not aware:

but I also got some neat pin I got at Gamescom last year.

What about you guys ?

Do you like merchandise ? Did you get any ? Would you like to see more and if so, any ideas of what those could be ?

Customs trouble when receiving rewards

I love merch, but due to money and space reasons, I have to be picky nowadays. :slight_smile: I’d like TWP magnets.

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I’m going to purchase a Thimbleweed Park shirt :slight_smile:

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I ordered the complete cards deck and a T-shirt from FanGamer, it should have been arrived one week ago… it’s stuck somewhere in Italy, I suppose :rage:

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I am not very interested in merchandising, unless they are objects that have an useful function, something that I could use often, not something to put in a drawer and forget about it after a while.

I have ordered the following t-shirt, I really like its illustration:

They should also design a t-shirt with the blueprint of a PF-001 tube on it. I would probably buy that.


Has anyone gotten a Viewtron 3000? I’m curious if the images are actually “3D” (two different perspectives on the two images you look at). I doubt that’s possible or practical as the game, as I understanding it, wasn’t designed for true 3D ‘z’ depth, I don’t think, but who knows what magic Ron and his team have done when put to the test.


Yes, the ViewTron images are in 3D. The rooms do have “depth” in that we need to know what you can walk behind and in front of, plus the near and far paralaxing. We had to tweak some of the values to make these images, but it is 80% from the game.


Nice! That’s what I was hoping for. The ViewTron 3000 is on it’s way!


Though it’s not official merch but approved by the master Ron Gilbert himself
(“Awesome image, I like how the body is in pixels.”) I’d like to share my fan merch with you: Thimbleweed Park fan merch

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

Here’s a close-up:

Best regard-a-renos, Denis



Did you share that in Fan Art ?

I love the Viewtron. Comparing it to old Viewmasters it’s really great quality too (the pictures).

Thanks @RonGilbert for also giving us Merch we can buy.


I agree! I just received mine today from fangamer. The 3D game screenshots are extremely well done.

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Today I got my beautiful Thimbleweed Park t-shirt. :heart_eyes:

I loved that design from the first time that I saw it on the Fangamer website but looking at the real stuff is a completely different thing. I’m very satisfied with this purchase!


I was debating which one of the tshirts to buy. I guess you convinced me!

5 min lated edit: I just ordered it. I cannot wait. I hope some people who see the tshirt would buy the game.

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You can still write Fangamer to change the order: why not both!


True! I hope Terrible Toybox gets a good fair of shares from merchandising.

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I bought the original black T-shirt back in July.

Then they brought out the funky blue ones and I had sit on my hands to stop myself buying that too.

In terms of merch I only really buy tees and hoodies, and only if they have a funky design on them that makes people ask questions.


On a related note, I loved the haikus that Fangamer sent out with their order updates. Such as this one I got when my T-shirt was dispatched:



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Agreed. I love that about Fangamer also.


I never liked the first design, to me it seemed made a bit in a hurry. The blue one was almost an instant purchase, instead. Sitting on my hands didn’t work, I filled the order form with my nose.

I never noticed the haikus at the bottom of Fangamer mails, thanks for mentioning them. :slight_smile:

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(Sigh… Here are some more characters you silly character limit)

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