Where did you place your TWP stickers?

Or maybe they’re still sitting on a shelf unused? Here’s mine:


I haven’t decided yet.
For now, they rest in peace.

I don’t have stickers.

Is that a 3D rendering or a real photo?

They are in the Collector’s Game Box of Thimbleweed Park.
I have purchased it via fangamer.

In my case they are still in the box and I don’t think that I will use them. :slight_smile:

Will that laptop be used in a movie that isn´t endorsed by apple? The logo glowing through might proove a problem though…

It would be even cooler to cut out the logo, making a round shape fitting the size of the sticker!
(official Apple warranty is probably already voided anyway by applying such sticker in the first place)

It’s very real! That’s me relaxing at the office in the evening so the lights are dim.

I originally wanted to cover the logo with a DELL decal… :slight_smile:

It turned out pretty great. Not sure what to do with the other stickers though.

The classic solution: Stick it on the fridge! :slight_smile:

Finally something to prevent those cheap magnets from falling off!

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